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How can I get rid of my stretch marks!
on Jul 24, 2007 (Read 2004 times | Comments: 9)
It's been three years now since I had my youngest child but every summer I want to lose the stretch marks around my belly button. I don't want to have surgery but I keep hoping that some new idea will finally get rid of the problem.

on Jul 27, 2007 Quote  »     Reply  »

I would love to know to I tried Bio-oil but didn't see a difference!

on Jul 31, 2007 Quote  »     Reply  »

I use Palmer's cocoa butter formula-Massage cream for stretch marks. Everyone says use cocoa butter and vitamin e capsules. This has both and collagien and elastin. It's contentrated also(hopefully that is true,means less water,more product).

I have to be more consistant with it to really see results but I do notice my skin getting softer from using it.

Good luck!

on Oct 01, 2007 Quote  »     Reply  »

Try using the cream for scars. It helped to fade some stretch marks on my arms.

on Oct 12, 2007 Quote  »     Reply  »

Daily massaging will help them. There is not much to do though to get rid of stretch marks. Bio-oil may help. You can purchase this at CVS. Cocoa butter helps as well. Laser treatment will get rid of them. If the stretch marks are still red, A retinoid or retin-a product can reduce their appearence and help them dramatically. Also, try massging them daily with a little almond oil in the shower or after the shower. TCA peels can help them as well. The best bet overall would be to get a retinoid product.

on Dec 05, 2007 Quote  »     Reply  »

Also, try Vitamin E OINTMENT (you can get it at GNC). Rub it in a circular motion for about 5 minutes a day with pressure as you go (you want it to REALLY absorb). You will feel your skin get hot as you are rubbing it, but it does work...Of course, sometimes you just can't get rid of them. The ointment, I have found, is good for newer stretchmarks.

on Feb 17, 2008 Quote  »     Reply  »

From what I learned talking with other people about products they used on stretch marks -is that you really can't get rid of them (w/o surgery). I have heard that laser can help - but have never tried it. Some products or ointments will improve your skins appearence/ plump up skin surrounding the stretch marks/ fade some pigment / which in turn will reduce the appearance - but not remove the stretch marks. Wish I hade better news - but the general consensus in my circle of friends is that most stretch mark products are money down the drain. And in addition we believe many companies prey on the (woman market) knowing we will spend large amounts of money trying to remove stretch marks - so they charge inflated prices for products.

on Aug 03, 2008 Quote  »     Reply  »

Miracle Oil from Pure Romance is great for stretch marks. One of the consultants has really bad skin issues and did a test with it. She used it for a month straight and took pics and you can see how after a week her skin just cleared up. Its great for stretch marks, acne, can help heal minor cuts, helps with scars, skin blemishes, extreme dry skin ect. I gave some to my brother who has really bad acne and it cleared it up. Its got hemp and tea tree oil and Vitamin E.

You can buy it online at its under the beauty section.

on Dec 13, 2017 Quote  »     Reply  »

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on Feb 09, 2018 Quote  »     Reply  »

Moisture 911 lotion from Perfectly Posh lightened mine to almost non existant. I don't sell the product so this isn't a push to buy something. It just is the only cream that worked. It's made for your face but I ran out of the expensive jar cream i was using mid pregnancy so used what I had thinking it was better than nothing. I saw much better results than from the expensive brand.