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Breast Cancer Awareness - FIRST HAND
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on Oct 04, 2010 (Read 364 times | Comments: 1)
Our family was brought stage front and center in late May when our daughter discovered that tell-tale pea sized lump that was diagnosed as aggressive HER2+ breast cancer. She is currently having chemotherapy and that will be followed by surgery, radiation, and a year more of chemotherapy. Our family has no history of breast cancer. She is a clean living, exercising, and good eating young lady in her mid-40s. So yes, we are now very AWARE that the growling, consuming beast called Breast Cancer is out there ready to pounce on any one of us. My blog has a "pink" picture, and some other breast cancer awareness. I plan to put more on it. So breast cancer is A CAUSE I CARE ABOUT. Because I care about my loved ones. How about you and yours? visit http://www.ChatWithVera.blogspot.com

on Oct 11, 2010 Quote  »     Reply  »

Hi my name is Shont?e and I am a certified consultant for Scentsy Wickless Candles. I am sorry to hear about your daughter, but I am glad she is doing better. I would love to do something to promote breast cancer awareness. If you would like we could do a Scentsy fundraiser and promote our breast cancer warmer and donate all of the proceeds from the sell to an organization that deals with breast cancer or to a family who is currently going through treatment for breast cancer to help with their medical bills. If you or anyone is interested please contact me at genevadvayahoo.com or (252) 327-8923 and ask for Shont?e. You can also see a picture of the warmer on my website @ www.smason.scentsy.us just type breast cancer in the search box.