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First things first, take an aspirin or ibuprofren and move to a cooler location. A soothing luke warm or cool bath (not …

   by   drodriguez    Jun 11, 2011

Being completely prepared for any emergency just takes a little bit of planning. Emergencies are bound to be stressful no…

   by   Ellen Christian    Jun 10, 2011

The Oscar winner and Weight Watchers spokesperson will write a memoir detailing how she lost 80 pounds.

   by   drodriguez    Jun 10, 2011

What you need to know before you decide to raise chickens

   by   Ellen Christian    Jun 07, 2011

Disolv compostable lawn bags make lawn work even greener.

   by   DailyGrommet    Jun 06, 2011

After lots of research and gathering information, Pure Natural Diva was born.

   by   Tania Reuben    Jun 06, 2011

With a little savvy, a little forethought and just a little additional effort you can ensure you bring healthier, eco-sa…

   by   Tania Reuben    Jun 03, 2011

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, also known as "Dr. Death," died today while being cared for in a Detroit area hospital.

   by   drodriguez    Jun 03, 2011