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The smiley Lucas has become Gerber's first baby with Downs Syndrome to be named a Gerber Baby - and they've been running …

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 13, 2018

If $3,000 sounds like too much to spend on one hamburger - then you obviously haven't looked inside the bun.

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 12, 2018

The Emmy-winning original show, which ended a decade ago, became a huge hit and helped to encourage tolerance around the …

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 08, 2018

New research is showing that people ages 18 to 24 have a really hard time talking face-to-face with someone they don't ye…

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Feb 02, 2018

A vintage pearl hat pin tucked into the lapel of these men's jackets were proudly displayed at events like the Golden Glo…

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Jan 31, 2018

The mom and pop owned business set forth to create a bar for adults who crave sophisticated gourmet cocktails without the…

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Jan 26, 2018

Find out safe scam-free ways to exchange those unwanted cards for cash.

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Jan 25, 2018

You spoke, we listened. Here are the top results from the 2018 Prediction Survey!

    by SheSpeaksTeam    Jan 24, 2018