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SheSpeaks Says Good Morning America!

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.07.08
SheSpeaks Says Good Morning America!
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Good Morning America today featured SheSpeaks in the 8:30am segment of the show discussing ways to be a Word of Mouth Marketer.  See the details of the story on this website.


The OPI test discussed has already concluded for SheSpeaks members but there is still a saving to be made with the coupon offer.  The coupon is also for OPI's latest innovative product called Nic's Sticks

If you would like to SAVE $1 on the purchase of a Nic's Stick go to and print the coupon. All you need to do is take the print out of the coupon to Target or Walmart stores that stock the product.  It really is that easy!

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  • poots By poots

    I saw this on GMA and couldn't wait to join. I'm glad that companies are accepting our feedback. I am not shy about writing companies directly when I think their commercials are misleading or anti-family.

  • txmommyof4 By txmommyof4

    I love OPI nailpolish. I can't wait to try this!

  • so102778 By so102778

    OPI nail polish is great. I am printing off the coupon to try the Nic Stick. I just hope they have my color :)

  • rks1977 By rks1977

    i was watching gma the day they where talking about this and i just had time to join better late than never and i will try the nail sticks

  • petunia101 By petunia101

    i loved the sample provided to me but the price even with the 1.00 off was a bit of a shock. i usually never pay more than 3.00 for a bottle of nailpolish(and that is if the 2.00 bottle is out of stock). it was good for my girls but i do not believe paying 6-7.00 for it will ever happen by me as i can't afford that high of a price. or was it mispriced??? anyways it is a good product but i will never be willing to pay 6.98 each (at walmart anyways do not know how much at target) for that is a bit pricey for my budget. thanks for the sample it is still going strong for the girls. i did give all the coupons sent to me out to friends so they could try it for their girls so i hope they were able to use the coupons though. maybe if it goes on sale i will get another color for us to try as my girls want to try a different color now. thanks again

  • MFeddersenRN By MFeddersenRN

    I liked the Nic's stick - it was very handy for touch ups. I think it would be a good idea to sell it along with a bottle of the same color. One for painting at home, one for quick touch ups to make your manicure last longer! That would appeal to lots of busy moms!

  • tweety909090 By tweety909090

    I joined because I want my opinion heard about new products that are coming out. I do my own nails and pay around $6 at the store and put them on myself and they last just as long as going to a salon.

  • arress By arress

    I saw SheSpeaks on GMA..and since I was lucky enough to try the OPI lipstick..I rushed to this site to find that OPI has the NIC sticks...I had to buy them.. I quickly told two friends about the sticks and they love them..

  • Mageezmom82 By Mageezmom82

    Can't wait to try it-Why didn't someone come up with this before??? Love OPI

  • hermana274 By hermana274

    I tried it and didn't care for it at all!!! I chose a dark color and felt I didn't have much control over the applicator so the end result was quite messy. It's a shame cause I like the idea, but definitely not the product.

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