The Right and Wrong Way to Workout

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The Right and Wrong Way to Workout
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With bikini season in full bloom, many of us are running (not walking) to the nearest gym to get in shape. There may be some extra steps we can take to make the exercise routine more worthwhile. A recent article from Newsweek reveals some of the worst workout habits to avoid and tips from some personal trainers.

One of the most common bad habits is reading while working out. The experts stress that gym goers should leave the book or magazine in the gym bag where it belongs. A fitness consultant with New York Sports Club advises people who need a distraction while working out to watch TV with earphones since that would take up less attention than a novel or magazine article.

Personal trainers would also like people to know that they can’t just sweat the pounds off. Though it is widely believed that exercising in a hotter environment and sweating more can help a person shed weight faster, the experts say all this does is cause dehydration. It is important to make sure to always have water at hand while working out as dehydration can lead to some serious risks like cramping and injury.

Making sure not to workout on an empty stomach may be one of the most valuable tips to take to the gym with you. You need all the energy you can get when you’re exercising and skipping breakfast before heading out will definitely affect your performance. Experts suggest a healthy snack prior to working out like oatmeal or a banana.

For a complete list of Newsweek’s worst workout habits you can visit .

What do you think of some of the worst workout habits listed above?

Are you guilty of bringing any of these habits to the gym with you?

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  • MBenita By MBenita

    You're not eating a MEAL, but just something to energize your system (snack bar, handful of mini pretzels, apple, etc). Your body shuts down without proper food & liquids, so really, does it make sense to not eat something? As far as sweating, that's nothing but H2O which you will put back into your body. Does anyone remember what Lawrence Martin did a few years ago? He was trying to lose weight and ran in the plastic suit - passed the heck out AND was admitted to the hospital for dehydration.

  • momoffive By momoffive

    I now try eating more fruits. I find they really boost me and do not make me feel so full I want to sleep. So my energy level rises a bit and I can workout with ease.

  • notsoperfect By notsoperfect

    I always thought you were suppose to eat after you work out not before, but needing the "Energy" makes sense. Goodness, I have been doing this all wrong.. no wonder its been so hard to shed these pounds lol

  • cmarieresendiz By cmarieresendiz

    I too always heard that you shouldn't eat right before working out. Also my hisband is always saying that when he goes running he has to go in black pants and a hooded sweatjacket so that he can loose more weight. That's scary that it just causes dehydration! I will have to let him know.

  • turtlebug150 By turtlebug150

    My nutritionist says if you work out for 30 minnutes first thing in the morning before eating it is almost equivilent to a 45 minute workout. He says to be sure and eat protein after the workout.

  • sksmix By sksmix

    I always thought eating before working out leads to cramping, but I guess what the article mentions is true too. It makes sense that you need energy in order to work out. I guess you just have to eat the right meal and nothing too filling.

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