Six Figures To Stay Home

SS Member Image By drodriguez 06.18.08
Six Figures To Stay Home

Ever wonder what you’re worth? Well a new study featured in an article from CNN reports what stay-at-home moms and working moms would make for their motherly duties if they were being paid.

According to the study released by, a Massachusetts based firm that calculates work place compensation, a stay-at-home mom would make on average almost $117,000 a year in salary if she were being paid. And a mom who works outside the home would bring in a little over $68,000 for the time she puts in at home.

The reason the hypothetical salary would be so lucrative is because moms put in a lot of overtime. Researchers surveyed 18,000 moms about their typical week and on average the stay-at-home moms worked more than 94 hours a week. The working moms also put in a good deal of overtime averaging almost 55 hours a week.

One stay-at-home mom, Samantha Russell, who left her job as a pastry chef to raise two boys, was interviewed for the CNN article. Russell believes stay-at-home moms are often underappreciated, “I think a lot of people think we sit at home and have a lot of fun and don’t do a lot of work. But they should try cleaning their house with little kids running around and messing it up right after them.”

Stay-at-home moms and working moms have a tough and often thankless job, but most will agree it is highly rewarding. Though many may feel underappreciated at times, it is nice to hear about this theoretical six-figure salary the experts have come up with.

What do you think of the study reporting on a mom’s theoretical yearly wage?

Do you think the salaries calculated in the study were accurate enough?

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  • thewoodenporch By thewoodenporch

    Makes me want to go buy some new shoes with all that money.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I am lucky enough to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. I admire those who work and still put in as much time as we "stay-at-homers". I agree that there is no price they could've paid me to not be home while my child was growing up...but it's nice to know that someone out there truly does have a value to what I do besides my family!

  • mdhill By mdhill

    TELL US HOMEMAKERS SOMETHING WE DON'T ALREADY KNOW! Is it surprising? No it is not. As our beloved singer James Brown put it, "This is a man's world". The average husband and wife whether together or apart when asked, what their most valuable asset is will seldom say they themselves are although each of them is a valuable asset if either one of them were unable to work due to a disability or death. However, if a spouse who has children has to pay for the services rendered by his or her deceased or divorced partner, they'd have to shell out a pretty penny. This is precisely, why it is of vital importance to acquire adequate (term)life insurance for the breadwinners as well as for the stay-at-home mom or dad which should decrease as the children leave the nest.

  • carbrac By carbrac

    In general, women are paid across the board unfairly. When is people going to understand that the many of us have become the bread earners in our households?

  • sarakay98 By sarakay98

    I completely agree with larsonhea's post!

    Something to think about in regards to this - life insurance. You want to make sure you as the stay at home parent have coverage enough for your surviving spouse to pay for all the expenses that you take care of now, like child care, cleaning, etc. After reading this article, I doubt the typical $50,000 policy is enough now!!

  • larsonhea By larsonhea

    I agree with the study and I'm happy to share this with my other Stay-at-home mom friends. It is very rewarding and I know looking back it will be the most fulfilling thing that I will do with my life. I love staying home, but you do feel unappreciated at times. It's nice to know that others are aware of our hard work!

  • kel228 By kel228

    How do I get on the payroll??

  • krystal_heidi By krystal_heidi

    i completely agree with dsjohnsonswife! my hubby was inbetween jobs while i was working over fulltime as a manager of a store and he doesnt want to do it again... he is one of the only guys i know that doesnt under estimate me because i'm currently staying at home with our 4 kids ages 6y, 4y, 2y, and 3weeks. my father is the only other one and he was the worker and "mom" to us 5 kids so he knows how hard it is too... i dont see how only 117k is what we're worth, why would we make a tiny fraction of what some 40 hours a week people make? people such as a family member of mine makes over 10k per month to be a radiologist, what about the other docs that make major bucks for not doing much? how about the high priced lawyers? i'm worth as much if not more than them!

  • dsjohnsonswife By dsjohnsonswife

    I would love to be a stay at home mom. It's not possible for me right now, but i feel that because i am working, my job at home is never done. I don't think that the fathers take stay at home moms very seriously until they have to stay home with them for a couple of days. I think moms should take a girls weekend getaway so that the men can see just how tough it is to raise kids, clean, cook and find time for himself!

  • Indigoblue By Indigoblue

    Very very tough job raising children...I'm sure it would help if there was a better attitude from the fathers on actual time/effort expended and what was needed from them (most wives complain that they do most of the housework)....As well, if you don't "work" working Mom's treat you like you have it easier--which is untrue--I've done both...and both are tough.

  • Beckygirl By Beckygirl

    Oh no stay at home moms should be worth so much more. They keep everything running smoothly, from feeding everybody to sports to home work to helping out at school cleaning the house, stopping the fighting between the kids to taking care of boo boos paying the bills and keeping the little man happy. there is never a day off no sick days, but it the best job in the world.

  • allystria By allystria

    I think it's just about right. I was a pretty well-behaved child but I know my mom put a LOT of time in!

  • Lusadi By Lusadi
    06.28.08 find a company willing to pay us that much! *goes and looks in the mailbox for her check*

  • SaraEmily7 By SaraEmily7

    I think they hit the nail on the head when talking about the amount of "overtime" that stay-at-home moms put in. I am up and working at least 12 or 13 hours a day, and that is seven days a week. Days off are few and far between, and that is rough. However, as everyone has noted, the benefits are worth it. Right?!? :)

  • danddy By danddy

    I think that the number fits. I am going to make sure my husband knows what I am worth. LOL I wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for anything!

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