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More Men Go For The Mop

SS Member Image By drodriguez 04.10.08
More Men Go For The Mop
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As women, we have seen our fair share of battles (some still being fought) on the road to equality for our gender. One battle in particular hits many of us close to home, actually in our homes. If you guessed the unequal division of housework and chores, you are probably already all too familiar with this issue.

A new study released from the Council on Contemporary Families sheds some new light on this dark and dirty topic. The Council reports that since the 1960's men's contributions to household tasks has doubled from about 15 percent to over 30 percent. It is also reported that today's full or part-time employed married woman in the U.S. now does two hours less housework than in 1965.

Even more encouraging is the dramatic increase we have seen in men’s contributions to childcare. The Council reports that men have tripled the amount of time they spend caring for their children since the mid 1960’s. Women have also made a big leap in this department, doubling their time spent with their children from 1965 to 2003. The Council on Contemporary Families explains the mutual increase by saying that it “appears to be related to higher standards for both mothers and fathers about spending time with children.”

The Council also believes that this trend of men helping out more at home will continue as more and more women join the workforce. And this is good news for our marriages too. According to the study, couples that have more of an equal division of labor are less likely to divorce.

What do you think of the new findings that men are helping out more at home?

Do you see these types of changes happening in your home with your spouse?

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  • Osheres By Osheres

    I think this is great that men are helping out more around the house. My husband and I have "reversed roles" I guess you could say. I stayed home with our daughter for the first 2 months and then I went back to work. We feel that it is very important to have one of us stay home with her. I love my job so he said he would stay home. I come home every single day to a clean apartment and a home cooked meal. A lot of people think our situation is a bit weird, but it works perfectly for us.

  • NCMae22 By NCMae22

    My husband doesn't mind helping out I just have to remind him a few times. We set some ground rules though his chores include taking out the trash (I put the bag back in), he puts up the dry dishes (I wash them), he kills all the bugs I find if any, he washes his own clothes (shrink a few and he'll do his own), and when his friends or company comes over he has to make sure the house is clean (I clean up the aftermath). May seem like a bit, but I think our system works out good for the both of us. We both have careers, I am in school for my Masters, and we have a two year old baby girl. We try not to stick ourselves in the tradition roles that our parents were in.

  • kit480 By kit480

    My husband is getting a little better about helping with the housework. He was raised in a family where his father ruled the household with an iron fist, and was brought up to believe that housework was a woman's responsibility. For years, I was under the impression that my husband believed that housework, and yard work were my responsibility. I did it all. He would only help out if I was really sick. After almost eight years of marriage, he will help out some, not a lot. But anything he does is much appreciated. Guess it's just the mindset of a Southern man, I guess.

  • jojomojo By jojomojo

    My husband helps. The yard though is his domain and I get the extra cleaning duties like cleaning out closets....I also do all of the taking care of the horses.

  • stina72 By stina72

    My Husband has always done his part around the house. I never really thought it was odd because my dad was the same way always helping my mom. I guess I lucked out.

  • danesmom By danesmom

    I am a stay at home mom, and I do not feel that housework is my sole responsibility. My responsibility is teaching a guiding my children. I do keep up with 80% of the house during nap time, but do expect my husband to chip in when he is home. He is happy to help me knowing that my job as mom is just as difficult as his. Laundry, dishes, picking up toys and cooking are no feat for my dear man.

  • cullum1998 By cullum1998

    My hubby helps around the house lots.We both work fulltime and many times I can say he does more than me.He does all the vacuuming,some laundry and more.I am so lucky...

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    When women are "stay at home" moms, they do just as much ,if not more work than dads or moms who go out to work. Usually, the day begins at the crack of dawn and doesn't end til the last batch of laundry is done before bedtime. No such thing as an 8 hour day. So, BOTH partners should "share" responsibilities when they are home together, not just "help out".

  • jz2005 By jz2005

    My husband missed this info. I do all the housework and work outside the home (granted, only part time, but tired when i get home). I clean houses for the elderly and take them to do their errands. He told me when i started back to work he would help out with the house, over a year ago, and he occasionally washes dishes for me. Dont know how long that will last now that he got me a dishwasher, lol. Oh well. I can dream of getting help once in awhile.

  • thehunters By thehunters

    Sorry, but I would like to know where these men reside, I love my hubby dearly, but it is NOT SEXY to see him mopping up the floor! As a stay at home mommy to 3, I like to take care of him and the housework, but if he wanted to help me outside, that would be a diffrent story!

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