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You Got The Job! But Is It A Good One?

You Got The Job! But Is It A Good One?
The process of finding a new job can be overwhelming to say the least. From r esumes to interviews and everything that goes on in between, the process is likely to be daunting.

But what about when you finally get the phone call that you aced the interview and show up to your first day only to find that the new job is not what you thought it would be? A recent article from CNN by Anthony Balderrama offers six signs to look for that may mean the new job is not right for you.

One thing to look out for is if you show up to your first day and are offered nothing more than a cubicle and a company manual as a greeting. Balderrama says a new employer should always make clear that you are not alone and you have a network of support ready to answer any questions you may have.

Another tip the article offers to detect a lousy job is if after two weeks or so you determine you are half way there to becoming the employee with the most seniority. Balderrama points out that companies who have employees that stick around for years are the companies that appreciate and treat those employees well. If employees seem to come and go all the time, it is probably not the best working environment for anyone.

Balderrama also advises new employees to take notice how the boss interacts with coworkers. If you witness other employees running from the boss’s office crying on a regular basis, the boss is probably not showing respect to his/her workers. Balderrama writes, “A good company uses open communication, not fear and intimidation, to get results.

Though the battle to get the job may be long and tedious, it is best to get out of a job as soon as you realize it will not benefit you or be detrimental to your career to stay. For a full list of Balderrama’s tips you can go to:

What do you think of the signs to look for to determine if you chose the right job listed above?

Are there any other signs you can think of or have personally experienced while working for a poorly run company?

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  • Karmacidal By Karmacidal

    The signs listed are good, but I have to agree with those that commented on incompetent management. Nothing knots my stomach more than meeting a new supervisor and slowly realizing they have little qualification for their position. People like this that have had their jobs for any significant amount of time are likely either related to the business owner or take credit for work done by people under them. Either way, advancement in your own career doesn't look promising. I would venture to say that poor management is a main cause of high employee turnover.

  • Cropperhopper By Cropperhopper

    Although I agree with some of the comments above, not everyone has the luxury of quitting and finding a new job. It is longer and longer before someone finds a new job these days. I have worked jobs that were degrading or with mean, nasty bosses in order to pay the bills. Paying the bills comes first. However, with that said, I have quit a job due to a supervisor. She had me completing twice the work of others and job duties not in my description. She would sabatage me in front of the Administrator ( and they were thick as thieves) so I got no help from her either. When it got to the point that I was having nightmares about her stalking me (She would follow me throughout my workday and on lunches in the field), I decided with the help of a therapist to quit. I had a job lined up even in that case.

  • bluemtndiva By bluemtndiva

    My last job met every single one of those 6 criteria....and so much more. Thank you, this article makes me feel even more confident and validated in the choice I made to walk away from there before the job succeeded in sucking the last shred of joy from my soul.

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