Romance on the Cheap

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Romance on the Cheap
If you are still working on paying down credit cards from the holidays, then a more modest Valentine’s Day may be just what you need. A recent article from MSNBC reported that many of us end up spending anywhere from $180 to $420 on gifts for a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

If this kind of spending is not in your budget this February, you should know that there are other meaningful and enjoyable things you can do with your sweetheart. MSNBC’s contributing writer Laura Coffey offers some ideas to keep the romance without emptying the wallet.

One idea Coffey offers is to forgo the expensive night out at a restaurant and cook or order a gourmet meal at home. Lighting candles and dressing up for the occasion will make it more special than your average night spent at home.

Another idea, if possible for you and your spouse, is to play hooky from work that day. If you have an extra personal day and your boss will allow you the time, you may even want to take both Thursday and Friday off to make a long weekend out of it. You can spend the extra time together at home or go on a small budget get-away for a couple of days.

If you feel you need to get out on the town on Valentine’s, but don’t have the cash for an expensive dinner, you may want to go to a nice restaurant for cocktails, dessert, or a cup of coffee. This way, you and yours can enjoy the ambiance and fun of being out, but won’t suffer the consequences when the bill arrives.

For the complete list of Laura Coffey’s 10 Tips for a fun ?but frugal- Valentine’s Day you can go to .

What do you think of the tips listed above for having a more inexpensive Valentine’s Day celebration?

Do you have any tips of your own for getting romantic without breaking the bank on February 14th?

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  • katday1 By katday1

    I spent $50 on my daughter and Hubby. I just got him a little picture book and her a card. No need to go all out. That's for st. Patty's Day!!! No, I guess I did get my daughter a $20 outfit too for her to wear on V-Day. I don't really like V-Day...

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