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Limited Choices - 10 Foods or Fewer

Erin Coopey By Erin Coopey 01.08.09
Limited Choices - 10 Foods or Fewer
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Gourmet Magazine recently published an interesting statistic: "one out of five Americans lives on a diet of ten foods or fewer. Among the most common choices? French fries, fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies and Kraft macaroni and cheese."

Ten foods or fewer. Wow. I just don’t think I could do it. Almost every meal I cook involves a recipe that I’ve never tried before. I realize this may make me something of a culinary daredevil, but I was stunned by the thought of such limitation.

"One out of five Americans lives on a diet of ten foods or fewer."

I fully embrace the idea of comfort foods - food you’ve liked forever; a recipe you know by heart, something easy to put on the table when you have to have dinner ready in an hour. I have my share of fall-backs tucked into the recesses of my brain, but to cook or eat only those foods week after week would drive me batty.

Still, the idea got me thinking. If I could only have ten foods, what would they be? First, I thought about exotic items, food I save for special occasions like caviar or lobster. If you are going to be limited, at least indulge, right? Then I thought about comfort foods like chili or mashed potatoes and gravy. Who could live without them?

Finally I started a list, basic things that I could rotate through. This is what I’d pick: Steak, Pork Tenderloin, Salmon, Spinach, Arugula, Cheese (am I supposed to pick only one???) potatoes, chocolate, tomatoes and mushrooms. I could stick to this list only if herbs, spices and seasonings (including onions, shallots and garlic) were unlimited.

How about you?  Do you find yourself eating the same ten foods?  If you had to choose just ten, what would they be?

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  • LATeach By LATeach

    I love to cook and work at creating healthy, tasty meals. I would say that we definitely have 10 essentials, but a lot of added interest foods. Can fruit count as just 1... OK - apples, oranges, limes, lemons, melons. Then chicken... raisins...cheeses...MILK...oatmeal... I can't do it - I haven't even gotten to vegetables yet. I love food!

  • meowmix By meowmix

    I like to eat out, but i usually order the same thing wherever I go--fajitas or steak.

  • Kellie3065 By Kellie3065

    I could never limit myself to 10 foods or less. I cook frequently and it's never the same thing. I like to try new recipes from the different cooking magazines I receive and always send the winners to my friends to try. I figured it takes me less time to cook a meal than it would to order take out and have it delivered to my door OR picked up. Cooking my own meals also allows me to control what me and my family are eating.

  • sterf45 By sterf45

    I love to cook, and I try to rotate also. I do Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish - and try to vary the types, recipes & side dishes each time. I do have the problem of loving potatoes too much, so I know they would definitely be in my top ten. After that & the meats, I'm not sure.

  • divaofdanger By divaofdanger

    I also love to cook and happen to work where there is a deli and full kitchen, so I find myself trying new things all the time, I do however seem to follow a list that appeal to my kids pork, chicken, beef, turkey breast, and pasta's, potatoes in whatever form I want to surprise them with lol Salads are a big love with myself and daughter.

  • Mirpipbon By Mirpipbon

    10 Things I eat...tuna steak...Filet beef steak (very small), brussel sprouts, cheese, Bread, avodado, onion, Broccoli, potatoes and tomatoes. In addition lots of spices

  • laura264 By laura264

    Tha'ts actually a great way to get back on track and lose weight. Make a list of your 10 foods and sort out which ones are no-no's. Then try to replace them with foods you should eat. Seems like a cheaper alternative than paying $500 for JG to tell you which foods you should eat.

  • KsFoodie By KsFoodie

    I could limit myself to 10 categories but not just 10 foods. I have at least 10 different vegetables in my fridge right now. We eat very little meat, lots of fish, whole grain pasta, fruits, beans, nuts, and all those veg and more. I couldn't cook without garlic or olive oil and lots of flavorful herbs. I also like things like tofu and hot peppers, but my husband won't touch them. We enjoy all ethnic cuisines and are pretty adventurous diners. Throw in some crusty bread and a good red wine and I'm set.

  • jaj1969 By jaj1969

    My ten would have to include dark chocolate. Other than that, I think I could stick to your list. It is easy to get into a rut and not try new things. People will feel so much better if they eat fresh foods. Great article.

  • InternetMom13 By InternetMom13

    If I was limited to only 10 foods I'd have to go with spinach, asparagus, pasta, tomatoes, brown rice, chicken breasts, eggs, dark chocolate and dark chocolate and more dark chocolate!

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