5 Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2023 + Giveaway

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 15, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re still scratching your head for the perfect costume, fear not — we’ve got you covered! This year, we’re taking costume inspiration from movies, music, memes and other big moments from 2023.

Keep reading to discover five fun costume ideas, complete with product recommendations to help you build your perfect costume.

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1. Cowgirl Barbie

With the blockbuster “Barbie: The Movie” topping the charts in 2023, we’re expecting to see variations of Cowgirl Barbie, Roller Skating Barbie, Weird Barbie and other Barbies this Halloween. You can build a DIY Cowgirl Barbie costume out of a few simple pieces: a pink bandanawestern boots, a white cowgirl hat and whichever hot pink pants and tank top you like best!

Image: Warner Bros. 


2. Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is a classic Halloween costume choice, but this year, you can take inspiration from the popular Netflix series that came out post-Halloween 2022. Recreate Jenna Ortega’s iconic “Wednesday dance” scene with moody makeup, a black tulle dress, a black belt, long black socks and black shoes. We love these stylish black chunky loafers from Amazon!

Image: Netflix 

3. Grimace

Grimace took TikTok by storm earlier this year when McDonald’s released a purple shake for his birthday. A Grimace Halloween costume is a versatile choice — you can dress it up or down. For cozy comfort, opt for a fuzzy purple sweatshirt. Want a fancier Halloween costume? Wear a poofy purple dress and purple heels.

Image: McDonalds

4. The Eras Tour

The Eras Tour kicked off in March 2023, and it has remained tremendously popular since then. If you’re a Swiftie, this is the perfect costume for you. You can choose the tour moment that resonates most with you. We love Taylor’s “The Man” outfit; you can build it with a silver sparkly blazer and silver knee-high boots.

Image: M.Dunn/Shutterstock 

5. “Vampire” Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo released her single “Vampire” earlier this year ahead of her new “GUTS” album. The spooky-themed song is the perfect Halloween costume inspo. Gather lavender bandages and vampire fangs, and accent your makeup with winged eyeliner and dark lipstick. Channel spooky vibes with a black lacy top, or wear a flowy white dress to mimic the music video.

Image: Olivia Rodrigo


What are you wearing for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments!

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I loved all the articles! They were great!

Lcampbell1975 by Lcampbell1975 | Greenville, KY
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These are wonderful stories. I loved it!

KookSpook by KookSpook | Akron, OH
Dec 19, 2023

I missed it this year

HoneyB221 by HoneyB221 | CEDAR HILL, TX
Dec 10, 2023

I guess I'm old fashioned. My entire family is dressing up like old school witches and warlocks, complete with little brooms

Jojosmom21 by Jojosmom21 | Jonesborough, TN
Nov 04, 2023

These pop culture-inspired Halloween costume ideas for 2023 are spot-on and filled with creativity. They'll make your Halloween extra special. 🎃👏😄

vickimarie2002 by vickimarie2002 | Aurora, NE
Oct 29, 2023

Wednesday is my favorite.

wigget by wigget | SILVER SPRING, MD
Oct 29, 2023

i like Wednesday Addams

Angiec1978 by Angiec1978 | Mansfield , LA
Oct 26, 2023

I?m not dressing up for Halloween but if I was Grimmace would be my first choice lol

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Oct 25, 2023

Nothing this year

ink123 by ink123 | CHICAGO, IL
Oct 25, 2023


Madhattersilliousions83 by Madhattersilliousions83 | Elsah, IL
Oct 25, 2023

I?m going to be Harley quinzelle for hollowween

quokka by quokka | bogota, OU
Oct 25, 2023

Me encantaria dizfrazarme de esqueleto :D

kelseyjl87 by kelseyjl87 | BISMARCK, ND
Oct 25, 2023

Classic ghost!

Amazonwoman33 by Amazonwoman33 | COLUMBIA, SC
Oct 24, 2023

Little Red Riding Hood

grr0510 by grr0510 | HOLLAND, NY
Oct 24, 2023

I like the Wednesday Addams