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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Best-selling novelist Barbara Kingsolver lived a year of food life and writes about it in the most entertaining way in ?Animal, Vegetable, Miracle- A Year of Food Life’. Kingsolver and her husband moved their two daughters from Tucson, AZ to their southern Appalachia farm once used for summer getaways and changed their lives.

The whole Kingsolver clan set out to farm their land and live off of it. They produced vegetables, fruits, raised poultry, and even made their own cheese. They bought locally when necessary and got to know the farms in their rural community. Their nine-year-old daughter even set up a small egg selling business.

?Animal, Vegetable, Miracle- A Year of Food Life’ is attention grabbing in its narrative. Kingsolver is anything but preachy or pious in her quest to live more environmentally sound. She simply weaves a fascinating and insightful tale of a family’s month-by-month experience producing their own food, which by the way, only costs fifty cents a meal to feed a family of four. The book is further enhanced by the interesting perspective from the first person essays her college age daughter Camille contributes and the commentary on agriculture today by Stephen L. Hopp, a professor of environmental science at Emory and Henry College.

It is a beautifully written personal memoir while being informative and fun. ?Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ is for anyone who wonders where our food comes from, loves to garden and celebrate life outdoors, or for those of us who really relish the food on our plate. It makes you yearn to get out and start a garden patch of your very own.

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  • omara By omara

    I have heard mixed reviews on this book but would like to read it anyway. I have heard that at times it can get a little preachy. We live in southern AZ and I would like to have a garden but with water issues, the heat, sun, and the rattle snakes I am not sure how likely I am to try my hand at the garden here. We do have an orchard and a farm that are u-pick that we go to that are 5 minutes from the house. They are a little high but we try and support them when they have stuff in season. Guess I will pick up the book and see what I think.

  • tishatoone By tishatoone

    I could not put this book down. Great tory and ideas for rasing a family. I am a book seller on AZ and I always pick up copies of this book when I find it. I actually listened to it first on CD as it is read by Babara. It has sparked my interest into her other works as well.

  • tlburgy By tlburgy

    This is my first time logging onto SheSpeak's book area. I was so thrilled to see this book featured. I am in the midst of reading it and fully enjoying it. It is so eye and mind-opening. I highly recommend this to anyone, and hope it inspires you to try to buy food locally whenever you can! It has inspired me!

  • debi_123 By debi_123

    This is my first time in the book area here too. Wow I haven't heard of this book myself. I will have too look for this it. I am vegin and it will be nice to see if I can find enough foods to grow on my land to keep me fed. I have 8 acres of nice land. Just not real good at keeping a year round garden. I do can and freeze what I grow in the summer months though. So I do have a leg up. Amazed that with the costs that she was able to feed her family so cheaply I have found it rather high to grow my own lol lol. What am I doing wrong lol. I do hit up the pick as you go farms here for a lot of my vegies I don't have much luck growing. I do grow my own potatos, green beans, and onion, and carrots. that is the main things I grow. My boyfriend loves to help with the freezing and canning, though he leaves me to all the clean up lol.

  • trailbenders By trailbenders

    I, also, heard about this while listening to NPR. Sounded like the natural next step in my lifestyle since we grow most everything we eat anyway. Ordered the book. Told my sister about it and she went right out and bought it. It just makes sense to live in this manner as much as possible for your nutrition, your finances, the environment and for the satisfaction of taking charge of your own food supply. But a warning: it's really hard. You have to consider everything you buy and spur of the moment purchases have gone out the window.

  • survive50 By survive50

    A book I am going to look into. We are on a little over 20 acres and I would love to apply some of the ideas.

  • lhobbit By lhobbit

    I am so getting this book. This is my dream!!

  • mplsmom By mplsmom

    I absolutely LOVED this book and have recommended it to everyone who asks what I'm reading lately. It really influenced my thinking about food production and consumption. Enjoy!

  • Sanjabay By Sanjabay

    I've never been able to get into Kingsolver's fiction, but this does sound interesting. Howver, I don't know how feasible this would be for most people.

  • AYoung By AYoung

    I'm ordering it on Amazon right now. I think I'll need the extra boost to keep my first time garden going this spring.

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