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Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs... and Credibility?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.05.08
Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs... and Credibility?
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As a follow-up to SheSpeak’s recent post about anorexia and other eating disorders we have news about former supermodel Tyra Banks. You may remember the press Tyra Banks received a few months ago when she was featured all over the tabloids and the internet pictured candidly at the beach in a bathing suit with captions reading that she was too fat (among other more rude comments carrying the same message).

This is nothing new. We are all accustomed to reading magazines that criticize celebrities for putting on weight. What was different about this was the way Tyra Banks responded to all the negative press about her weight.

She went on her talk show in the same bathing suit she wore in the photos and sent out the message that she feels comfortable with her body and just because she is not as thin as she was when she was modeling does not mean she is not just as beautiful. She later heroically spoke the now famous words “Kiss my fat ass!” aimed at all the people who criticize women who have put on weight.

Fast forward four months and you will see Tyra Banks on the cover of the May 12th issue of Life & Style magazine in a tiny bikini with the caption “How Tyra Lost 30 lbs!”

Why did Tyra Banks lose the weight? There has been speculation about the network pressuring her to drop pounds, though she has said it was her decision and she just wanted to fit into her old jeans. Of course Tyra Banks can do what she wants with her own body, but being a self-employed spokesperson about body image her message becomes very confusing.

So why did Tyra Banks go on to lose 30 pounds in the four months following this declaration that she was perfectly comfortable with her weight?

What kind of a message does that send out to the young women who found encouragement in her commendable message about body image just a few months ago?

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  • parisluvr By parisluvr

    Are you people really that bored with your lives that you need to critize other people for gaining or losing weight??? It is PATHETIC!!!!

  • parisluvr By parisluvr

    I love Tyra and she is very inspiring to me. Its her body and if she lost 30lbs. and thats what she wants and she is healthy, then let her. And to you nasty people who enjoy saying mean things about other people, famous or not, you are disgusting!!! Why would you say something mean to someone?? Would you want somebody to say something mean about you??? People who do that must be bored or insecure about their own life.

  • aMUSEme By aMUSEme

    It's no question that Tyra Banks is a little cuckoo. Have you seen the last few seasons of America's Next Top Model? The one where she's all futuristic? It is scary. This woman likes the limelight, and does what it takes to get in it.

  • kev3mir42 By kev3mir42

    I watch the Tyra Banks show almost daily. She is a very outspoken person. Don't we all have times that we feel we should hit the gym yet still feel comfortable with our bodies? it is all a personal choice. It just depends on how you deal with it. I don't think there is anything wrong with this and the way it was done. plainly feeling comfortable in your body is key and obviously she does.

  • hgoncalves By hgoncalves

    I say good for her!

  • mercedes1suarez By mercedes1suarez

    O.K. Lets be real if most if us looked like her and she was not who she is we wouldn't be caring that she lost the 30 lbs or had her photo shot when she was not a stick! She is a strong woman and instead of talking shit about her or any one, we as women should stick together and stand up for one another what ever we look like.

  • erica_cal By erica_cal

    I don't know her personally ergo I don't care.

  • JEM4612 By JEM4612

    I agree with the others who say who cares if she lost or gained weight. She is a beautiful girl who has been scrutinized for every little thing she does. None of us can relate to what she has had to go through with the press (unless you are also famous), so how in the world can we criticize? I think the real crime is how people continue to support the press who pressure people to conform.

  • mrsmccartney By mrsmccartney

    Tyra Banks is a beautiful woman, inside and out. I think it doesn't make her lose credibility for losing weight, she's still an amazing role model, and way more real than some people on TV.

  • ayesha16 By ayesha16

    I fel bad for celerities that have to go through the bad coments that critics make about them and it is awesome that she lost 30 pounds.

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