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A brand new car or a handbag?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.14.08
A brand new car or a handbag?
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You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but the latest "it" bag called Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag retails for $45, 352. Why is this bag as expensive as a new car? It does feature a gold chain handle, but the real reason for the high price is that it's made up of samples of 15 different Louis Vuitton Handbags from the LV spring/summer and cruise lines. If you want one of these bags, you have to get in line?. There will only be a limited number being made and the fashionista's tell us there's already a long waiting list!

A more affordable and equally sought after “it” bag is the enviro-stylish re-usable shopping bag by top UK designer Anya Hindmarch. It sold out in the UK in minutes. The tote officially named “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” is made from cotton, not plastic and so far only sold in the UK. The company promises to have more in stock in mid- April and they will also be sold, again in limited quantities and colors, in other countries this summer.

If you had the money would you prefer the environmentally friendly and inexpensive bag or the Louis Vuitton?

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  • Kamari By Kamari


    That is one hideous bag!  I never understood how so many women fall for the whole Louis Vuitton thing or for any other designer that has his/her name or company logo printed all over a product.  Why walk around wearing someone else's name or initials?  I feel these designers laugh up all the way to bank for the free advertising they're getting.

  • Gabrielle By Gabrielle

    Sorry, but it looks like a patch work quilt.
    I have enough problems making sure my son has enough food to eat, much less ever being able to afford something like that. Much more important things to spend my money on (like a growing child).

  • am2kids By am2kids

    Even if you could somehow justify the money by stating it is a combination of bags, I personally couldn't justify spending that kind of money on 1 seasonal item.  I'll take that money and save it for my kids college fund-

  • mrs_hambone By mrs_hambone

    How is it that the more expensive the bag is the uglier it is?!  That thing is hideous!

  • mscaroline By mscaroline

    I would never pay that much for a handbag.  There are a lot of wonderful things you can do with $45,000.  If I had the money I would donate it to charity and my church.  A hand bag is materialistic, and I always remember there are people in this world who can really use that kind of money.  I am cheap when it comes to buying things.  When it comes to shopping, I am a firm believer in shopping in the CLEARANCE SECTION!!!!  I think about my kids all the time and I am a role model for them and I wouldn't want them to be that way and waste money on materialistic items if they had the money. 

  • twoluvbrds By twoluvbrds

    Even if I had that kind of money, I think it's ridiculous to spend it on something so inane.  A purse.  Give me a break.  No wonder so many famous people are going bankrupt if they have no more sense than that. 


  • smiliejules71 By smiliejules71

    Ok, well this bag looks like they just took a bunch of left over junk and made a bag out of it. I really hate to think that there are people out there that are so selfish that they would throw their money...(money that would take many yrs. to save up?) on something so stupid as this. If I even had that much money I  would definalty find some way to use it to help others and not myself. This world is really starting to piss me off. Why don't those "designers" give some of that money to people that really need it?


  • cvarano By cvarano

    I don't even want to look at this bag let alone consider purchasing it.  In my opinion, Louis Vuitton makes the ugliest purses I have ever laid eyes on and there is no way that the people who buy them do so because they find them aesthetically pleasing.  This may sound extreme but I loose just a little bit of hope for humankind when I see that people could be so overindulgent and superficial to spend so much on a trend when they could probably feed a poverty stricken village full of people for the good part of a year instead.  But, that hope is gained right back when I read these blogs and responses.

  • boopy63fl By boopy63fl

    WOW, I could never spend that much money on a purse. Especially since mine gets thrown around like a rag doll. I would be afraid to use it. I think that ugly bag should be donated to charity, use the money for people who have nothing, like a meal, or some clothes. Let's get real.

  • findingtime By findingtime

    Definitly think taking your own bag when shopping is going to catch on-look at IKEA

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