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A brand new car or a handbag?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.14.08
A brand new car or a handbag?
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You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but the latest "it" bag called Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag retails for $45, 352. Why is this bag as expensive as a new car? It does feature a gold chain handle, but the real reason for the high price is that it's made up of samples of 15 different Louis Vuitton Handbags from the LV spring/summer and cruise lines. If you want one of these bags, you have to get in line?. There will only be a limited number being made and the fashionista's tell us there's already a long waiting list!

A more affordable and equally sought after “it” bag is the enviro-stylish re-usable shopping bag by top UK designer Anya Hindmarch. It sold out in the UK in minutes. The tote officially named “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” is made from cotton, not plastic and so far only sold in the UK. The company promises to have more in stock in mid- April and they will also be sold, again in limited quantities and colors, in other countries this summer.

If you had the money would you prefer the environmentally friendly and inexpensive bag or the Louis Vuitton?

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  • gmaof2 By gmaof2

    I don't even make 45,000 dollars a year and if I did make enough for that bag, I would spend it on something else. That bag is ugly and even if I did like it, I could make one that looks better than that. Anyone want to drop a grand on a bag? I'll make you one for less that looks prettier than that one. LOL

  • fitgirl By fitgirl

    I think it is ridiculous to pay 45K for that purse. It isn't even cute but that is not the point. The point is people go for status and if they know that they own a 45K purse, they think they are important. But in the majority of people's eyes, it is ridiculous. I like the fact, however, that there is a enviromentally friendly bag that is so popular. My biggest thing about using a reusable bag to save on plastic is that everyone would think I'm weird. However, if it is the "in" thing to do, I think that I would be much more likely to do it.

  • Shelle02 By Shelle02

    45K for a purse! NEVER! I could use that money to put food on my table, clothes in my closet & my kids closet, pay bills and buy a car for us! 45K can be used for better things in this world then a for the needy, houses to be rebuilt like in LA, or any number of charities. But of course that is my opinion. =)

  • ohmichea By ohmichea

    Thats ridiculous. Makes me sick actually. If all these rich people who spend this on purses donated it instead they could probably rebuild every home destroyed in louisiana and feed every hungry person in the us. Skip the spa and sell one of their 20 cars and maybe this world wouldnt be so F'd up!

  • ufgatormommy By ufgatormommy

    45K would go a long way to paying off my student loans. I would never spend it on a purse! Yikes!

  • arizabalo By arizabalo

    I think the idea is very cool, but really... how many people can have acces to one of those. They should make a less expensive version.

  • trialbyjuryme By trialbyjuryme

    The bag is UGLY! Ontop of that, certainly not worth 45k! If people have 45k to spend on that type of item, they need their head examined!

  • smiddlemore By smiddlemore

    I'm not a fan of the new LV it bag. But I love the "I'm not plastic bag" It will be interesting to watch how many of these bags they sale and whether or not those that can afford it will buy it.

  • digitalmineral By digitalmineral

    anyone who'd buy this is trying to make a statement. this type of bag appeals to the exceptionally wealthy (celebrities, etc.) most of us (I imagine) are more 'normal' and can't really relate. hence the strong 'are you crazy?!' reactions.

  • Ericka52 By Ericka52

    There is no way that someone should be carrying around their entire bank account or childs education funds on their shoulders. This is absolutely ridiculous!

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