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Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.28.07
Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty
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Dove is now launching a new line of skin and hair care products geared toward women over fifty. The name of the new line is "pro.age" (sounds much better than the overused and slightly offensive "anti-aging" we're used to hearing, don't you think?). The models Dove has chosen for their campaign are all over the age of fifty and appear totally nude in the print ads as well as the television ads they intended to run.

Although the models are shown completely in the buff, they are positioned in a very tasteful and discreet way (after all, one would expect class with Annie Leibowitz working the camera). In these images we see every wrinkle, roll, line, and spot; definitely something we are not used to seeing in magazines, on television, or across a billboard. Dove seems to be challenging consumers once again by using stunningly gorgeous real women for their ad campaign.

On Dove's pro.age website, the line "Watch what we couldn't show you on TV" pops up before their commercial spot is shown.

Why do you think Dove couldn't run this commercial on television? Is this something you would feel comfortable seeing on network TV?

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  • momandally07 By momandally07

    I like the ad. I think it makes younger people want to look more like these people, instead of extremely thin, perfect-looking models. It is not done in a sexual way, but simply showing what real women look like.

  • canelaajena By canelaajena

    I agree, these woman do seem less naked than the victoria secret models. I would rather my children see these ads than the victoria secret ads. Kudos to Dove.

  • nefertt By nefertt

    I am very proud of Dove for taking this approach on showing that ALL women are beautiful in their own right. Not just young, slinky models, but older women too!! I love the commercials and I hope that other products realize that they don't have to have the 'perfect' size and shape to be represented well. These are REAL women :-)

  • dlshephe By dlshephe

    I like the fact that older, more realistic women are targeted but feel that nudity or parital nudity is not necessary to show our beauty! Inner beauty is just as womderful!

  • fanofvintage By fanofvintage

    Dove is just trying to move their product, and Proage is just a marketing scheme to get women to buy the product. So, all of you that give kudos to Dove, they have you as a customer...exactly what they wanted! No need to put anyone in the buff. Commercials and print ad with the unclothed women in them are just to get us to take notice. How many commercials really stick out anymore?

  • ashleyrocks By ashleyrocks

    I think its wonderful and I agree with a lot of you they are REAL women and not skinny models.I say you go Dove.

  • loretta0908 By loretta0908

    loretta0908 I will be fifty in september and all I have to say IS DOVE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING . YOU MAKE US WOMEN LOOK GREAT.I will keep on using your products.

  • amerksfan1 By amerksfan1

    I love the Dove ads, why can't Americans be open minded like Europeans when it comes to nudity? Just because one is nude doesn't mean it's sexual--- GEESH!

  • chinadoll By chinadoll

    Aging gracefully, naturally ... nothing more beautiful and sexy. Makes me proud to be a woman over 50!!! I applaud Dove...

  • coops1363 By coops1363

    THANK YOU DOVE!! i am proud to say i love these ads - they show women of all sizes and ages what women are really like! i don't see nudity, i see beauty !dove has made the women of the world very proud to be a woman of any shape or size!

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