Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks
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Hello! I'm Aliza Freud, the founder of SheSpeaks. We've been getting lots of requests for more information on SheSpeaks. Who we are? How did we get started? Why we're here?

Well, we figured, the best way to keep SheSpeaks members updated on what we're doing, is to just tell you directly on the site. So, we've created a section of the SheSpeaks blog dedicated to information on the behind the scenes at SheSpeaks.

I started SheSpeaks because I realized that as women we are an incredibly important and powerful group of consumers. We make up over 50% of the population in the US, we make over 83% of the purchase decisions and we have tremendous buying power of $5+ trillion!

So, if we are such an important consumer, shouldn't we have more of a say in the development, marketing etc. of products and services that are targeted to us?

With SheSpeaks, we are creating a place where women can have their say and influence these products and services- while getting them for free and connecting with one another at the same time!

Since we launched at the beginning of February, thousands of women across the country have signed up to join SheSpeaks. As our numbers grow, so does the influence of our network!

More of the story to come...

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  • sharris By sharris

    She speaks is truly an inspiring name and I love the concept. Hope to add/share insight to whatever become available through she speaks.

  • yolafarr By yolafarr

    Thank you for tha chance to let my opinion be heard.

  • bambithunder1 By bambithunder1

    Hi, I enjoy this website and really hope it takes off!

  • racerfan By racerfan

    I just joined. I can't wait to start giving my input on things. It is great that there is this way for women to have input in new products etc.

  • aubriebrianasmom By aubriebrianasmom

    I just joined this site and I think this is the best idea ever!

  • Angel205 By Angel205

    I love this website. Thanks to all involved in creating it. This is a community for all women. If there is anything we need to know are wont to share, then this is the place to do it. It has helped me several times already. I look forward to comming on here and reading all the great advice from women just like me. It is awesome. Thanks again.

  • Brea By Brea

    I have found the more I read, the more I respect the opinions of the woman here. So honest, I really can just come on here look something up and see if its really worth it or see if other people feel the way I do on certain subjects! Thanks to everyone. I really like it here.

  • sarahhummel By sarahhummel

    Thank you for giving women an avenue to be able to voice their thoughts and opinions. Great website - I love it!

  • Momto3AmazingKids By Momto3AmazingKids

    Aliza, what a wonderful concept. I am excited to learn more about your website and to have my opinion heard and listen to others as well (people from all around the world)...I also look forward to receiving free products to try and then comment on them. Good luck on your new venture, great idea!!!


  • turtletoo34 By turtletoo34

    SheSpeaks is a great site! thank you!

  • okmom23 By okmom23

    Great site! Wonderful idea, I wish you the best!

  • LoriAnneRN By LoriAnneRN

    I really am enjoying the website it has been very informative.

  • libby1260 By libby1260

    I am happy to a part of this website and looking forward to be ask to take part in other opportunites

  • OtterKim By OtterKim

    I look forward to learning more and participating as much as possible to facilitate constructive "S-Hero" progress for all women as behalf of SheSpeaks! Thanks for a great opportunity...congrats on an awesome idea.

  • lynda62 By lynda62

    Great job! This is an awesome site !

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