Women Who Inspire Us

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Women Who Inspire Us

Not many 21 year olds can claim to have gathered 2.5 million dollars to fund an idea that they could just not let go. Talk about inspiring! In her senior year at Princeton University, Wendy Kopp proposed the idea for Teach for America in her undergraduate thesis. She was sure that many of her peers were seeking to do something meaningful in their lives instead of rushing to a 6 figure job. Turns out, she was right.

A year later, in 1990, Kopp initiated Teach For America. That year, she started the program with 500 men and women who began teaching in needy communities. Fast forward to 15 years later and you will find that Teach For America has substantially grown. This organization now boasts 3,500 current members, in addition to, the more than 10,000 alumni.

Kopp shares her story in her book, One Day, All Children, part memoir, part guide book. Read it and perhaps you too will be inspired to follow your dreams.

Do you think our country's children are getting a better education now than they were 10 years ago?

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  • the_flirt82 By the_flirt82

    I feel that many things have improved over the years. When my brother was in kindergarten he was almost deaf. The teacher refused to wear a headset that connected directly to an earphone he wore so he could hear her. My mother took us all out of school and homeschooled us. Today my brother is a sophmore and hears fine. Recently my parents adopted three siblings who would have been seperated otherwise. The youngest is in first grade and has Cerebral Palsey. The teachers work hand-in-hand with my mom and one-on-one with him. He is greatly improving in school and out because the teachers and other school staff are willing to help him. In this way i feel schools have greatly improved.

  • fransdottr By fransdottr

    A much larger variety of children are getting a better education than they were 10 years ago, but few children anywhere are getting the quality of education that we could deliver if we got serious about it.

  • kareanderson By kareanderson

    I have long admired Wendy for her clarity of purpose - a powerfully simple business model that truly demonstrates the power of us - when we bring out each others' best sides we can become happier & higher-performing together. Methinks she'll have many diverse chapters to her life story and that we might watch for her next big idea - Kare, SmartPartnering

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