Women Who Inspire Us

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Women Who Inspire Us

Not many 21 year olds can claim to have gathered 2.5 million dollars to fund an idea that they could just not let go. Talk about inspiring! In her senior year at Princeton University, Wendy Kopp proposed the idea for Teach for America in her undergraduate thesis. She was sure that many of her peers were seeking to do something meaningful in their lives instead of rushing to a 6 figure job. Turns out, she was right.

A year later, in 1990, Kopp initiated Teach For America. That year, she started the program with 500 men and women who began teaching in needy communities. Fast forward to 15 years later and you will find that Teach For America has substantially grown. This organization now boasts 3,500 current members, in addition to, the more than 10,000 alumni.

Kopp shares her story in her book, One Day, All Children, part memoir, part guide book. Read it and perhaps you too will be inspired to follow your dreams.

Do you think our country's children are getting a better education now than they were 10 years ago?

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  • 154535251545321 By 154535251545321

    Absolutely they are getting a much better education now than they were 10 years ago! Many schools now acknowledge, accept, and encourage that not all children learn the same, and make accommodations for each child. The usage of technology in the classroom has multiplied exponentially, to the benefit of every child. They are teaching several different methods to solve problems, as well as critical thinking skills. 

  • bucketlady By bucketlady

    As an educator, I believe the students are getting an excellent education.  The technology they are taught is astounding!

  • newseason7 By newseason7

    I believe the style of teaching has changed due to electronics. Hence, more of a opportunity to explore more information at fingertips. However, the style 10 years ago would be more hands on help from teacher. ie; cursive handwriting, math techniques to remember certain rules before moving foward and any other hand on example. I believe 10 years ago has more of effect to stay embedded because of the quality of time spent going over material.

  • jannat By jannat

    I would like to say that for sure our children are getting advanced education, but when it comes to better than that's something we are yet lacking. our schools are still not progressive and still to this day mental health and issues related to it are not taught to our children. schools are now more than ever burdening the kids with textbook work there is no character building going on.

  • Nozzie By Nozzie

    I think they are getting a better education now, but the dynamics have changed and we may not necessarily see the effects because of changes in technology, education policies, living circumstances, the availability of options and so on. A better education should naturallly translate to better living conditions all round, improved decision making and solutions for the less fortunate, a reduction in crime and unemployment, as well as poverty figures- but this is not necessarily the case.  


  • madelinesc4 By madelinesc4

    The average child does not receive quality education but receives a quantity of information. As technology has advanced there are more opportunities in this field than there were 10 years ago. Students are overworked and overloaded.  

  • MoocherMaeve By MoocherMaeve

    Education is a hard one to pin point whether they're getting a better education or not. Because there, to me, is a difference between getting a good education and being provided with a good education. As this implies that you could be given the opportunity but not taking it. So I would have to say that I wouldn't know how to begin answering that question.

  • MXperson By MXperson

    Does our country's children are getting a better educaton than ten years ago? No. maybe more gadets, more social activities. more work and less time to do it in.

  • EbonyEyes By EbonyEyes

    I believe it's getting better in a way for some kids but for others that have learning disorders undiagnosed that need multiple options of learning could improve a lot more. I have ADHD but wasn't diagnosed until second grade, once I was I received more attention and the much needed different methods to solve things like math and reading. But today more kids are getting passed to the next grade because of age or held back year after year without teachers really trying to see what learning method they need to better understand anything. 

  • sbybee1714 By sbybee1714

    I feel like our children are getting a better education in some areas but not in others. The practical things of life such as finance management, business skills, etc. are not being taught. Additionally, children are limited with their class options based upon their GPA, pre-reqs, etc. However, education is being provided to all students. While not all areas may not have the same resources, but there is less of a difference between the educational level across all ethnicities.

  • Muladaypay By Muladaypay

    Truthfully, things are more hands off due to the technology we have at hand in the 20th century. So I would say education was far more beneficial in earlier years, simply because of the closer connection earlier generations had because of technology not being such a big deal back then. 

  • 2PsMommy By 2PsMommy

    Absolutely inspiring!!! Definitely something to share with my two little girls ♥️

  • MargaretJohanna By MargaretJohanna

    I think they are. I find the current generation are more focused on reaching out and becoming involved in areas that need change. They seem more focused on their personal growth and passing that along. There seems to be more excitement and hope for the future. I'm excited for this generation's future. Should be something to see.

  • LaNell81450 By LaNell81450

    Being a grandparent, I am a little out of touch with schools.  But being old fashioned, I am concerned that children are not being taught enough history.  Stories of wars, the Holocaust, what socialism is really like, etc are not being taught because they might be upsetting. Children need to learn from the mistakes of the past.   Also there should be more job training in high schools.  There are many young adults with college degrees who can't find jobs.  Electricians, welders, mechanics, etc are working and making good salaries.  

  • sweetcl By sweetcl

    Being an educator in a poverty stricken community, it saddens me to see the number of students that are well below reading at grade level.  I believe when we stopped teaching phonics and chose a common core curriculum, we left many students behind.  Education is not what it used to be.  I see some communities flourishing with resources but others begging for copy paper because there aren't any books.  Teachers are spending their time looking for resources in order to prep students for a standardized test, but failing to teach the absolute basics.

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