Women Who Inspire Us

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Women Who Inspire Us

Not many 21 year olds can claim to have gathered 2.5 million dollars to fund an idea that they could just not let go. Talk about inspiring! In her senior year at Princeton University, Wendy Kopp proposed the idea for Teach for America in her undergraduate thesis. She was sure that many of her peers were seeking to do something meaningful in their lives instead of rushing to a 6 figure job. Turns out, she was right.

A year later, in 1990, Kopp initiated Teach For America. That year, she started the program with 500 men and women who began teaching in needy communities. Fast forward to 15 years later and you will find that Teach For America has substantially grown. This organization now boasts 3,500 current members, in addition to, the more than 10,000 alumni.

Kopp shares her story in her book, One Day, All Children, part memoir, part guide book. Read it and perhaps you too will be inspired to follow your dreams.

Do you think our country's children are getting a better education now than they were 10 years ago?

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  • nicolelc By nicolelc

    Would love to win this Thanks for the chance

  • allykow By allykow

    Having grown up in an era of technology, I can certainly say that my quality of education is higher than what it could have been ten years ago, before most schools had access to laptops and iPads for students; these products help effeciently and effectively teach kids and provide access to online resources that were once limited to a much more select few. 

  • InfluencerMrsNita202 By InfluencerMrsNita202

    Yes, I do believe that they are, due to so much new technology worldwide that was not so-available to the earlier generations. 

  • BethyA79 By BethyA79

    I believe children get a better education now because of all the advances in technology. 

  • superconductor By superconductor

    I believe there are more opportunities for our children to receive better education; however, educators have the power to give them a better or worse one. Children are like sponges; history shows us that they will not listen/follow our guidance if we aren't living by the guidance we're trying to give them.

  • Meralyn By Meralyn

    Yes. Nowadays we are offered wide access to education so clearly this education system is getting better in some places but getting lesser respect in many ways. 

  • Jenred By Jenred

    I think they get more.But less in repect in everyway. 

  • Veronice29 By Veronice29

    It's a difficult choice... I think kids have more possibilities and information because of technology but the social interaction is less and less. Bulling has increased and kids feel overwhelmed in school. Some thing have to change soon. This education needs an overhaul to adapt to the new world.

  • Butterflylover By Butterflylover

    NONONO  More maybe but less respect for life. Most kids today cant write know history. Have no respect for the people who started this nation.Also I think teachers get tooooo many freebies. Pharmacy no pay due, next $300.00 die. Hospitals same. Too much for not teaching the real life story.

  • Jessicahtxx By Jessicahtxx

    I believe they are. My son is in the first grade and doing it virtually and he's able to do a lot more than I did when I was his age. With all the technology we have he's able to learn on his own without his teacher. 

  • DeLoreanGirl By DeLoreanGirl

    No! Definitely not! For starters, Common Core is a joke! History class has become overly fixated on the Holocaust and demonizes the German people. The integration of technology into the classroom has added a whole new set of problems; giving children crappy Chrome books and mandating they do their work on those is total bs. Not to mention the invasion of privacy on the school owned devices. I'm also sick of schools preaching that children have to accept everyone, and seem to forget freedom of religion. Don't teach my child that there's more than two genders or that two mommies or two daddies are OK. These subjects are not appropriate for school.

  • Maripzs By Maripzs

    I can't say yes/no to this question because ten years ago we didn't have the same technologies that we had today. Those technologies help us in a positive and negative way. For example with the news technologies we can learn everywhere without having to be precisely in a class.  However,  some technology such as the Ipad have replaced many things such as writing on notebook. This answer is related to the news technologies that teachers implement in some schools. I do not generalize. 

  • ladybug27 By ladybug27

    I do think our country is getting a better education now than 10 years ago. It is hard to go to school beyond high school because college is so expensive and yes you can get loans etc but to pay those back can be hard. 

  • Tinaf1221 By Tinaf1221

    I don't have children in school yet however I do have niece's and nephew's that are school age and I believe they are getting a much better education now then 10 years ago.

  • Tinaf1221 By Tinaf1221

    I don't have children in school yet however I do have niece's and nephew's that are school age and I believe they are getting a much better education now then 10 years ago.

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