Should We Pay Salaries To Moms Forced Out of the Workforce During the Pandemic?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 08, 2021

It comes as no surprise that women have left the work force in record numbers since the start of the pandemic. Family, school, work and home situations have had to change drastically over the last year, leaving many no choice but to stay home. 

This is precisely why Girls Who Code CEO Reshma Saujani is calling on President Biden to implement the Marshall Plan for Moms. The name of the plan is a nod to the post World War II Marshall Plan that offered large amounts of aid to Eastern European countries to rebuild after the war.

CNN reports about the petition gaining traction, as well as signatures from many powerful people, that calls for a mom salary of $2,400 per month for “unpaid labor at home.” The plan, first proposed in January, gained a lot of attention recently when a full-page ad was published in the Washington Post calling for its implementation. The letter is signed by 50 prominent men, including actors like Don Cheadle and Colin Farrell. 

Actress, author and activist Alyssa Milano has also spoken up in favor of the plan in an opinion piece published for CNN . She says that we should pay moms for making the sacrifices that had to be made to get us through this crisis. Milano also points out the other changes the plan hopes to implement which “include passing policies that support working women such as pay equity, family leave and affordable childcare; retraining programs that will help women step into emerging jobs; and safely re-opening schools to take the childcare burden off mothers.”

Women have been hit especially hard in the last year and are currently down 5.4 million jobs as opposed to men’s job losses of 4.4 million. In the times leading up to the pandemic, women were close to equal with men - holding about 50.3% of jobs in the workforce. 

Saujani points out to CNN, "No woman made a choice to stay home and take of our children in this crisis, that choice was made for us. We are not America's social safety net. And as many of us have been essentially replacing paid labor for unpaid labor, and nobody asked us. They have put a zero value on our labor, and it's time to put a value on it.”

Whether or not the Marshall Plan for Moms will move forward is currently unknown, but Saujani is hopeful that moms will get what she feels they are due. When asked whether she has received word from the Biden administration regarding her plan she says, “I know Joe Biden cares about mothers. This is an issue that he cares about personally, and so I have no doubt that this administration will do the right thing and put together a Marshall Plan for mothers.”

Have you or friends and family had to leave the workforce to care for kids at home over the last year?

Do you think the Marshall Plan for Moms sounds like a good way to help families recover from job losses over the last year?


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Chris213 by Chris213 | MINNEAPOLIS, MN
Mar 10, 2021

I bet a lot of childcare providers, who get paid a whole lot less, would love to make this amount. Especially since this is their livelihood. Maybe paying childcare workers a living wage first would be a better priority.

Zipporah6 by Zipporah6 | BROOKLYN, NY
Mar 10, 2021

Yes, some of us are single mothers trying to balance being a mom and work life and the finances are still coming up short. I believe this would help out tremendously! 

mrenda by mrenda | COLUMBUS, OH
Mar 10, 2021

This sounds like a great way to help families recover.

hyburn87566 by hyburn87566 | OCALA, FL
Mar 10, 2021

I am an unpiad family caregiver for my 91 year old dad with dementia. I think this is excellent. I don't have kids but my dad is in a child-like state due to his dementia. Family caregivers like me could use extra money to supplement income or to get paid if they do not rfeceive income.

niferr by niferr | CHICAGO, IL
Mar 10, 2021

See we are not a "traditional " family unit where mom and dad work or mom stays home and dad works. In our family my husband/partner stays home. We have twins and at $4000 a month for childcare we made the decision for him to stay home. Though they would have been in full time preK this year that obviously changed with the pandemic. He would have at least gotten a part time gig but with remote and my job location uncertain that was not an option. What about the other dads that had to make this choice? I am all about equality for women but this is not taking into account the dads that also had to put house and home on the line to make things work.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Mar 10, 2021

The Marshall Plan for Moms sounds great on the surface. Certainly mothers deserve every penny. However, should our government, in essence our taxpayers, have to pay for yet another thing during this pandemic? I think not. Our economy is overburdened. Many are on unemployment and food assistance, as it should be. Stimulus checks were hard enough to get passed. Managing our vaccine program across the nation was not free. Nothing is free. However, just as workers receive earned income credit for each child, perhaps moms who stay at home out of necessity during this time should also come under these guidelines.

DewGirl by DewGirl | BURGETTSTOWN, PA
Mar 10, 2021

I may be the odd one out, but this is not the solution.  There are many more options that needed to be addressed before something like this.  Equal pay, better child care, family leave, etc. are things that should be looked in to for all. 

meeshee1 by meeshee1 | LA LUZ, NM
Mar 10, 2021

This one of the most ridiculous, absurd things I have ever read. $2400 a month because you made the choice to be a parent? Where does this money come from? Taxes that come out of the working peoples' paychecks? This offers NO incentive whatsoever for people to actually get back to work, which is what we ACTUALLY need to improve the economy. Sorry, not a fan. No offense to moms because I know how hard it is, but you shouldn't get monetarily rewarded simply by staying home with your kids. That's insane.

shishi314 by shishi314 | BROOKLYN, NY
Mar 10, 2021

Sounds like a great idea because some mothers are busy for 20 hours.  When a child is sleeping, a mom's ears are still working because she has to listen for her child crying. I am my child's chef, nanny, teacher, stylist, and employee(;-) As a mom, I do not get 8 hours sleep, and I cannot enjoy a spa bath.  I do not mind taking care of my child because my child is a gift from God, my child is my pride and hot.

elph71 by elph71 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Mar 10, 2021

This is a good idea.  A lot of parents are handling their children's educations right now in addition to child care duties.  Another upcoming concern is that we're sliding into a baby bust.  Nobody wants to bring children into an uncertain world, but a base pay for stay at home parents would offset the uncertainty to some degree.

beaniebaby70 by beaniebaby70 | Mt PLeasant, TN
Mar 10, 2021

I think it would help some. Since I know mothers have taken a lot of the brunt.

psychscorp by psychscorp | BALTIMORE, MD
Mar 10, 2021

It might be solution for some, but we need a solution for all. We need pay equity. We need paid parental leave. We need quality childcare. We need partners who are true partners who share the load. Some are policy solutions and some are social solutions. 

Joanna_Topaz by Joanna_Topaz | Eden Prairie, MN
Mar 10, 2021

I am not sure about this legislation specifically as this is the first I've heard of it, but I do agree that the wider impact of the pandemic on working moms -- basically erasing several years' worth of progress -- is discouraging. I also think, as some others have said, that it's a good step in a conversation about the way this country is not set up to support people caring for their families, resume gaps, etc. One of the factors in my leaving a job -- pre-pandemic -- was the lack of summer chiildcare/activity options for a just-turned-13-year-old (there is a black hole in options for this 13/14/15-year-old age range). It's not just moms of little kids that are impacted by the way our society is currently set up.

windy09 by windy09 | ROCKTON, IL
Mar 10, 2021

Let's start with equal pay for women and helping people to have high quality, accessible and affordable child care.  We need a plan that recognizes all of the abilities that we have as women, while embracing a plan that encourages both parents to participate fully in caring for children and the home.  We need a plan that encourages, not discourages, 2-parent families!

Mtiller by Mtiller | FAYETTEVILLE, AR
Mar 09, 2021

There are so many ways Moms need to be supported in the workplace.  From equal pay and opportunities to assistance when they are forced to leave their jobs due to circumstances such as the pandemic.  The Marshall Plans for Mom is a step in the right direction.