Tips to make the most of your weekend: Plus, win a $75 Visa Card to Spend on Weekend Fun!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.04.19
Tips to make the most of your weekend: Plus, win a $75 Visa Card to Spend on Weekend Fun!

Labor Day has passed, which means summer is unofficially over. But that doesn't mean the fun has to end.

Check out these tips to make the weekend feel like a vacation and enter to win a $75 Visa gift card to splurge on your weekend.

Plan Ahead

You're more likely to have an exciting weekend when you have something exciting to do. But it's hard to find an activity when it's last minute. From now on, plan in advance without doing extra work. When you hear about a festival that sounds fun, a concert you want to see, or a place a friend bragged about going to, don't just "try and remember it." Open up your calendar right then and schedule it in. Then when it's Thursday and you're wondering what you'll do over the weekend, you'll already have something planned. 

But Leave Some Time Free

Don't over-schedule. Now that you have fun activities on your calendar, it may be natural to spend the rest of your time doing errands and chores you need to do. Which leaves you feeling exhausted on Sunday night. Try to book one big activity each weekend and then leave some time open for spontaneity. Allow a few hours to read a book, catch up on your favorite show, go for a jog or cook a delicious meal. What makes you feel good? Do it. 

Do Chores During the Week

We know that it's hard to have the energy during the week to clean the bathroom or go grocery shopping. But if you do one chore each night, that's five less chores you'll have to do on the weekend. Try cleaning the bathroom after the kids go to bed, buying a birthday present on your lunch break, or writing out your grocery list on the commute home. That way, the weekend errands will be done faster and you'll have more time to enjoy.

Remember to Use Every Minute

Sometimes, we try to arrange time with friends, but when Saturday night doesn't work out, we give up. Remember that there are 48 hours in a weekend - 54 if you start counting on Friday evening. So meet friends for a Friday night out. Yes, you'll be tired from work, but seeing other people will energize you. And don't waste Sunday thinking about work the next day. Instead, arrange a Sunday dinner date.  Not only are friends more likely to be free on Friday and Sunday nights, it's also easier to get a babysitter if you need one. 

Put Down the Screens

Seeing other people's fun adventures on social media will make you feel like whatever you are doing isn't as awesome. Stop making comparisons. Instead, focus on the moment you are in. If you're on a bike ride with your kids, enjoy it. If you're having drinks with new friends, focus on them. If you're getting together with family, cherish the time you have making memories. Don't think about what others are doing right then. Plus, time goes by too quickly when you are staring at a screen. Don't waste those precious weekend hours!

Go on a Micro-cation

If all else fails, take a micro-cation. Micro-cations, or mini-vacations, are the latest trend in travel. Instead of taking one long vacation each year, micro-cations spread out your vacations into several long weekends so there are more times to look forward to. Think a good vacation can't be done in one weekend? Think again. If you sneak out at lunchtime on Friday, you can get to your destination by Friday evening, and you have almost two whole days of fun before returning on Sunday night. Or better yet, take Friday off, leave after work on Thursday, and you have almost three days, which can really feel like an escape. Our favorite way to micro-cation is to watch travel websites, where you can often find specials on flights or hotels, or even last-minute vacations. If you see something good, book it, and figure out the logistics later!

How are you making the most of your weekends? Tell us to win a $75 Visa gift card to spend on weekend fun!

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Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member nooneyouknow.

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  • mkds41074 By mkds41074

    I try and clean my house during the week after work so that I do not have to spend my weekends cleaning!!

  • CatsMom By CatsMom

    I see a pattern here. I, too, do all of my laundry mid-week so the weekends are free from that chore. I also do my bill writing during the week, too! Then there's more free time on the weekend.

  • Grammio By Grammio

    I'm looking forward to cooler weather to spend some time exploring our new property.

  • Beautiful_tulip7 By Beautiful_tulip7

    I try to get every Household chore done so I have time to either read or watch TV or hang out with my wonderful husband and friends and family

  • Luv2Shop128 By Luv2Shop128

    Celebrating my niece?s 6th birthday!

  • superhelen By superhelen

    I spend my weekends finishing up my college work.

  • makysmama By makysmama

    By spending it with my family doing things they love

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78

    We try to do chores during the week

  • karenbx832004 By karenbx832004

    Going to community events with my family.

  • Bargnhtress By Bargnhtress


  • Gina679 By Gina679

    Gina67 Working outside in the gardens & moving plants around. I always plant something new each year to give me something to look forward to in the spring. Will be going for motorcycle to look at the leaves.

  • Stumblinn By Stumblinn

    We earn a chunk of our income by answering surveys and doing piece work on places like Mturk. Those things tend to have more competition on weekends when more people are at home so I often use the weekends for household chores to free up time during the week for surveys and other online work that brings in income.

  • mkksheart By mkksheart

    Since I just moved to my new home I am busy in the yard planting flowers, weeding the garden and organizing the house. Loving every minute of it.

  • indiana_girl By indiana_girl

    I catch up on email, and also binge watch Shows either on HULU or AMAZON PRIME and I spend time with my cat and BF


    Taking some me time, Everyday from 5am to 1am, I am doing for everyone else.I need a break

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