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Product Reviews: Check out what SheSpeaks members had to say. Plus, enter to win a Visa gift card!

Product Reviews: Check out what SheSpeaks members had to say. Plus, enter to win a Visa gift card!

Whether you're shopping for electronics, cosmetics, clothing, or something else, more and more women are turning to product reviews to help in their purchasing decisions. Some are looking up reviews before heading to the store, while others are looking up reviews while already in the store!

We recently conducted a survey where we asked you, our members, to share your thoughts on product reviews and how they influence your purchases.

Check out some of the results below. Do you agree... or not? Tell us and enter for the chance to win a $25 Visa gift card!

Do you agree - or disagree - with the results? Tell us and enter for the chance to win a $25 Visa gift card!

As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Product Review Survey Results Giveaway

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Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member vickimarie2002.

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  • spyralwomyn By spyralwomyn

    I agree with all of these findings. I love to read reviews of a product before I buy it. I figure everyday women like me experience similar and different results, so it's awesome to get an idea of what I may be getting myself into by taking a risk when trying a new product. I especially love to read reviews about beauty and hair products. These influence me with my decisions whether to make a purchase or not. I'm not necessarily keen on celebrity endorsements because I don't trust whether it's a real review or not.

  • mallgirl By mallgirl

    I almost always check reviews especially before a big purchase.

  • herbalkate By herbalkate

    I prefer reading reviews by confirmed purchasers that list the pros and cons of buying a product. The review must be descriptive. Don't tell me it's perfect. Tell me why you feel it is perfect. Don't tell me you hate it and not to buy. List the reasons why you feel that way. No product is perfect for everyone. We all have different needs. I like to read reviews that tell me what I want to know. When I write reviews, I try to give all the facts, good or bad, and tell why, though a product might be great for me or not great for me, why it might be just right for someone else.

  • kellyw By kellyw

    I think this is true cause women do trust other women before they purchase things.

  • nancyinchicago By nancyinchicago

    I am always reading reviews on products before purchasing - sometimes on a daily basis! I read reviews completely, so that I'm able to weigh wether or not the negative reviews would actually be applicable to me or not.

  • janiea By janiea

    Yes, always read the reviews!

  • lriggs4 By lriggs4

    Most of the time I do look for online reviews of a product or look to my friends for a recommendation so I totally believe this!

  • BeaGatsby By BeaGatsby

    I agree with all. But, Reviewer beware. Not all reviews are real. Some are paid for and some are Fake to promote or to put down a product or service. I look for reputable reviewers and I tend to steer clear of all positive or all negative reviewers or reviewers that have a few reviews and are basically one hit wonders.

  • angelfrancine By angelfrancine

    For sure! Not only do I look at reviews, I write them on nearly everything!

  • Fred1950 By Fred1950

    I agree.. I read the opinions of others, and ask friends and family too.

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