#MayDaysGiveaways: Happy Mother's Day! Enter to Win a Kiehl's Beauty Set & $50 Spafinder Gift Card

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.08.19
#MayDaysGiveaways: Happy Mother's Day! Enter to Win a Kiehl's Beauty Set & $50 Spafinder Gift Card
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Whether you have 10 children, 1 child, or even none, we have a giveaway to spoil you this Mother's Day! Sleep late, go out to eat and relax. Spend the day how you want to!

Week two of our #MayDaysGiveaways is in honor of all the amazing moms.

We're giving away a Kiehl's Glow Hydration Set (valued at $54), plus a $50 Spafinder gift card. 

At SheSpeaks, we dream of brunch with mimosas, planting in the garden, hiking with the kids, grilling at home, and spending time with our own moms! 

How do you hope to spend Mother's Day? We hope you enjoy it!

Enter week 2 of our SheSpeaks #MayDaysGiveaways below.

Note: this giveaway ends on Tuesday, May 14. Come back to enter our next giveaway on Wednesday, May 15 - and every week in May!

#MayDaysGiveaways Week 2: Happy Mother's Day!

*One lucky contestant will be chosen at random to receive a Kiehl's Glow Hydration Set (valued at $54), plus a $50 Spafinder gift card. Note: prize can be substituted based on availability when it is being ordered. Giveaway is open through Tuesday, May 14 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member Gjprasad.

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  • curiousgirl By curiousgirl

    Relaxing and spending time with my family without any fights, drama, or stress!

  • MellyMel48 By MellyMel48

    It would have been nice to have some cake.

  • Mad7575 By Mad7575

    I was hoping to spend my Mother's Day by relaxing and getting a lil break from my children so I didn't have to worry about making a bottle of changing diapers but my mother's day didn't go so great.

  • Correy211 By Correy211

    dinner and flowers

  • hwag29 By hwag29

    Succulent planting class with my grandma!

  • jasfields By jasfields

    Relaxing with familly.

  • fowler121600 By fowler121600

    spent with my family

  • 8then10 By 8then10

    With my 10 children that are all under 14. Mother's Day to me is not only my children showing me appreciation for all I so as their mother but also about me showing them how blessed and grateful I am for having the opportunity to raise 10 completely different people with completely different ways of thinking, feelimgs, ways of learning and that are so loving. I have lived every second of my journey in motherhood and would not want to have spent the last 14 years of my life any different. I cannot imagine my life without every single experience we have come across both good and bad. They have tought me the most powerful love that any human could possibly feel. They are my reason for breathing.

  • M1ch3113lee By M1ch3113lee

    I spent Mother's day sleeping in than my husband grilled us steaks. My son texted me before he caught a flight to Germany to let me know how much he appreciated everything I have done for him.

  • Charbear15 By Charbear15

    I would of like to spend it with my kid but I spent it working with my mom as a pca

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