These Classic Toys Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic. Plus, Enter Our #SheSpeaksClassicToys Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.17.19
These Classic Toys Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic. Plus, Enter Our #SheSpeaksClassicToys Giveaway

We're feeling the nostalgia today! In honor of the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary, we took a stroll down memory lane and looked back at the toys we loved growing up. Maybe you spent hours playing with your Lite-Brite set or trying to solve that tricky Rubik’s Cube. Or perhaps you had a collection of Cabbage Patch Kids or Beanie Babies that you proudly displayed.

Check out some of our favorites below – these classics are sure to transport you back to your childhood and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Plus, enter for the chance to win a $75 Walmart gift card!

Hot Wheels

A true classic. With so many cool, collectible cars and fun accessories, it's no wonder Hot Wheels has been a childhood favorite for decades. To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, check out the Hot Wheels Legends Tour presented by Mobil 1, which is stopping at Walmart stores around the country. And enter their giveaway to receive an instant $5 off code on the purchase of Mobil 1 at Walmart and a chance to win 1 of 3 epic prizes.

Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs instantly takes me back to my brother’s room in our first house. We would sit on the floor and spend hours building little towns and setting up little shops and cabins. The best part is, my parents saved them so I can now share them with my kids. - Melissa


I remember spending hours sitting on the kitchen floor with my sisters, bouncing the ball and playing all sorts of games. The nice thing about these, is that you could play with them when you are by yourself or with a big group. I'd love to buy these now to play with my kids. - Susan

Easy-Bake Oven

Hands down - my Easy-Bake Oven. I can still smell that cake being cooked by the light bulb. I loved the little paddle that came with it so you could push the pan through the oven. I would split the cake 4 ways and everyone in the family got a piece for dessert. - Missy


Play Doh is my favorite classic toy. I now have a toddler and the first time we opened her Play Doh, the smell just brought me back to my childhood too! Love making new creations that delight my daughter and watching her mixing the colors together. - Emily


Maybe it's not as well known, but I seriously LOVED Alphie. Alphie was a toy robot that played different learning, guessing or other games. You could insert different cards and I can still remember playing with it for hours.               - Stephanie 

Lisa Frank Stationary Boxes

I loved the Lisa Frank stationery boxes because it helped bring out my inner fashionista personality and I was a huge organizer so the note pads and pens came in handy. - Gaonou

What was your favorite childhood toy? Tell us and you'll be entered for the chance to win a $75 Walmart gift card – perfect to spend on some of these classics, or on your own childhood favorites!

#SheSpeaksClassicToys Giveaway

*One lucky constestant will be chosen at random to receive a $75 Walmart gift card. Giveaway is open through May 5th, 2019 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • Militaryfan By Militaryfan

    my favorite childhood toy was 18? dolls and legos

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