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Enter the #AsNonStopAsYou Giveaway!

Enter the #AsNonStopAsYou Giveaway!

You’re unstoppable. You don’t want to slow your life down for your period, and Tampax Radiant makes sure you don’t have to. With the new Tampax Pocket Radiant tampons, you get amazing protection in adorable packaging that tucks away easily in your purse, gym bag, or even your back pocket!

We’re excited that the new Tampax Pocket Radiant tampons are available now at Walmart. Click here to check them out!

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a box of Tampax Pocket Radiant and a $50 Walmart gift card!

Enter Here:

#AsNonStopAsYou Giveaway

One lucky entrant will be chosen at random to receive a box of Tampax Pocket Radiant and a $50 Walmart gift card. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years or older. Enter through Friday, June 30 2018. Winner will be chosen randomly by July 6, 2018 and notified by email.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By Pinkprincess717


  • LoraineyE By LoraineyE

    I like to bike ride!

  • sixfortheroad By sixfortheroad

    Swimming would be at the top of my list

  • PBRmama By PBRmama

    Swimming for me!

  • madinfluences By madinfluences

    Love to swim and be out in a swimsuit when I don't have to worry about my period at all, but with Tampax at least if it's impossible, they never let me down!

  • saleago By saleago

    I like swimming when I don't have to worry about my period.

  • mrsanna522 By mrsanna522

    I love hiking and going to the movies!

  • Fourleos By Fourleos

    I love swimming and taking hikes, but I don't get to so much when I have to worry about being close to a bathroom.

  • TSReed By TSReed

    Swimming and, believe it or not...yard work!

  • Katypugz By Katypugz

    Love yoga

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