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Add More Laughter To Your Celebration with a #SheSpeaksGames $75 Amazon Giveaway

Add More Laughter To Your Celebration with a #SheSpeaksGames $75 Amazon Giveaway

There are so many reasons to celebrate this time of year, which means there will be lots of time spent with family and friends. Make it more fun by trying out these games, perfect for after Easter brunch, before the Passover seder, while relaxing on Spring Break or lounging at your next BBQ.

Bonus: Enter below to win a $75 Amazon gift card to buy these games - or whatever else will make your season more memorable.

Heads Up!

If you've ever watched Ellen Degeneres, you'll know this game. One person has a word on their head and has to guess what is says based on the clues everyone else is giving them. Just download the app and you can play it anywhere - it's fun for big groups, small groups, adults or kids. Perfect for when guests are getting antsy waiting for the food to cook.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

This fast-paced board game is guaranteed to make the whole family laugh (ages 8+.) In it, everyone gets a role (villager, werewolf, etc.) and you have to convince everyone else that you are not the werewolf. There's lying and deception. What's better than that? And there's even other versions of the game that you can combine into one big game.

Pass the Pigs Pig Party

This game of luck is perfect for younger kids (ages 4+), but still enjoyable for older kids and adults too. Each player gets two adorable pigs, which they then throw and hope that they land in certain positions. Of course some are easier than others. Pass the Pigs comes with a small carrying case so it's a great game to take to restaurants or parties to keep the kids busy.

Speak Out

Looking for a game to play with your teens or tweens? We have a winner! Try Speak Out, where you read a sentence from a card and your teammates have to figure out what you're saying. The hitch? You're wearing a mouthpiece that makes it nearly impossible to talk - but sounds crazy funny to everyone else!

Forbidden Island

If you haven't tried a collaborative board game before, it's worth a try. All players are on one team - everyone wins or everyone loses. In Forbidden Island, you have to work together to prevent the island from sinking. Plus, there's a variety of ways to play that make it more or less challenging.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This one hasn't been released yet but it looks to be the biggest game of 2018. From the makers of Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is another augmented reality game, but this time you cast spells, fight legendary beasts and discover mysterious artifacts as you explore the world around you. They had us at J.K. Rowling!

What games do you love to play? Tell us for the chance to win $75 to Amazon to buy something fun!

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Update: Thanks to all who entered. Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member mizzsonya22!

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  • Deneewj By Deneewj

    Diffinetly Heads up..

  • SassNSpunk By SassNSpunk

    We love to play all types of board games and Heads Up on the iPhone

  • dawnzeenvegas By dawnzeenvegas

    Games are fun and who doesn't love some fun times with Family and Friends and good classic games like Balderdash(I don't think we actually get through a whole game because the game is just too funny with some of the responses). Apples to Apples for all ages in the Family. Heads up ....real simple and no board. I also have a game no longer sold Clever Endeavor which concept is props we just play a lot of games without the board as it sometimes gets more to participate. Oh and Scategories of course. Love Love Games it brings people together and Happy!!!!

  • Momlife_hiswife By Momlife_hiswife

    All board games are a must because we live family night ins. but I absolutely live the silly ones like pie In the face etc....Super fun and brings laughter out for all

  • cmacgreg52 By cmacgreg52

    My favorite games are still board games - Scrabble, Sorry, & Parcheesi.

  • mhindal By mhindal

    Speak out is a fun game and I would like to try Heads up

  • mdildy By mdildy

    Heads up is super fun!

  • Chels92lg By Chels92lg

    I love to play heads up it can be sooo funny!

  • kam180 By kam180

    Our family of 5 likes trivia and competitive games like Family Feud and charades! There's nothing better than making memories while having fun!

  • Trinigyul321 By Trinigyul321

    The games I love to play mainly with my family are monopoly, scrabble, bingo, life and just about any other games that are fun and brings the family together!

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