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Women's History Month: Who's Your Hero? Tell Us for the Chance to Win $100!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 03.14.18
Women's History Month: Who's Your Hero? Tell Us for the Chance to Win $100!
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This Women's History Month, we'd like to honor all of the women who have made a difference in this world - globally, locally, or personally. Tell us about the women in your life who have inspired you to become the woman that you are.

Share your hero's story with us and you'll be entered for the chance to win $100!

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Comment below with the name of the woman who has most inspired you. Don't forget to tell us why! (Worth 1 entry.)
  2. Upload a picture of your hero here. (Worth 5 entries.)
  3. Upload a video showing your hero here. Make sure to tell us why you are inspired by her. (Worth 15 entries.)

*One lucky commenter or photo/video uploader will be chosen at random to receive $100. Winner can choose if it is given via PayPal, or as an Amazon gift card. Giveaway is open through April 1, 2018 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.


Update: Thanks to everyone who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member yarbr012.

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  • makysmama By makysmama

    My mom has always been my hero!

  • Ocean_and_sun By Ocean_and_sun

    My friend Cyndee. She started her own business about 11 years ago making bows so that her family Had some type of income, and then she progressed to painting as another outlet to make money for her family. All while in the last year getting fit and healthy and being a great example to her lovely girls. She even started a fitness group for women to be supportive of everybody's journey all while still running her 2 businesses, and taking care of her husband and daughters. She's amazing!!! Honestly she's the best!

  • lilannie By lilannie

    mother dearest

  • lucyvanpelt76 By lucyvanpelt76

    My mom is my hero. Raised me as a single parent. Kept us fed, kept a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. She taught me the true meaning of working hard to take care of your family.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Joi Gordon Dress for Success World Wide taught me about great women helping other women and creating truly caring support/friendships. (also my grandma, great aunt and great grandmother)

  • Gina679 By Gina679

    My great great Aunt Lyla is my hero. She passed away when she was 98 and was not ready to go. Her body was worn out but her spirit wanted to stay with us.She had a career which I don't think was too common at that time. She taught me to be kind and considerate. She taught me to be a bit frugal because she lived through depression. She rarely threw things away because they had so little then, she would always find another use for it (she kind of did recycling before the term recycling was really used). She cared so much for other people. She had her own car when she was 20 and drove cross country to California. She was always so proud of my accomplishments. I miss her a lot but have so many incredible memories and know she is still watching out for me.

  • wabbit By wabbit

    My grandma, she inspires me with her kindness, hospitality, gentleness, and beauty.

  • shanesmommy2 By shanesmommy2

    Oprah is my hero because she came from nothing and is now one of the richest ladies in the world! i aspire to be like her!

  • mich61 By mich61

    My cousin Marie

  • winchamp By winchamp

    My grandmother. She helped to make me the person I am today.

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