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12 Days of SheSpeaks Day 7: Win Food & Home Bundles from Brandless! #thankFULL

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.11.17
 12 Days of SheSpeaks Day 7: Win Food & Home Bundles from Brandless! #thankFULL
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It's not just holiday season when life is busy. Between work schedules, carpooling, errands & homework, it's sometimes hard to keep up! Luckily, our Day 7 prize will give you just the help you need.

Win Food & Home Bundles from Brandless, valued over $200!

The Day 7 giveaway is a a variety of items you reach for every day. It includes food, such as the basic ingredients to serve an Italian dinner, an organic taco night, and a delicious breakfast. The package also provides household products, such as cleaning essentials and a clean beauty collection.

Brandless uses only high-quality materials and healthy ingredients, but eliminates the marketing that increases prices.

What go-to dinner are you #thankFULL for? Enter Day 7 of our giveaway by answering the question in the box below. Then you'll unlock more ways to enter!

Remember that for every entry, $1 will be donated to our charity partner, Feeding America, to help fight hunger in this country (up to $1,000). Find out more info here.

12 Days of SheSpeaks Day 7

You can still enter Days 1-6! Find out the details here and come back every weekday through December 18th for more giveaways!

Note: Comments on this blog post will not count as entries. Brandless, a partner of Feeding America, provided this gift for free.

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  • tcgirlie24 By tcgirlie24

    I am #thankFULL for my go to dinner of Garlic Pasta. Angel hair pasta, cream, garlic and a little parmesan. Sometimes with shrimp if we are feeling fancy and a few basil leaves - or not!

  • instantkarma By instantkarma

    I'm #thankFULL for every hot meal I have with my family, but especially my go-to dinner of tacos..because everyone loves tacos.

  • Bkuebler14 By Bkuebler14

    I am #thankFULL for lasagna

  • dianeclaudia By dianeclaudia

    I am #thankFULL for our family's Christmas Eve dinner. It's wonderful to have all of us together and celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

  • AmberC By AmberC

    Yay hope I get it but if not I did try

  • alivea By alivea

    Essential is the word, would love to win

  • mervissa By mervissa

    I am #thankFULL for lasagna

  • momofour By momofour

    It may sound silly but I'm #thankFULL for spaghetti. It is such a lifesaver in a pinch and can be made so many ways with addition of pretty much anything your family likes. Sometimes I bake it in the oven, other times I just throw together a quick pot of spaghetti. Either way I know my family is fed for the evening.

  • DeniseRoman By DeniseRoman

    #thankFULL for family and friends during the holiday time.

  • akaMonty By akaMonty

    I am #thankFULL for charities like #FeedingAmerica, Feed The Children, and #FoodBanks because there is no possible reason for anyone in this country to go hungry. There is so much waste from restaurants and grocery stores and THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DONATE to homeless shelters. :(

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