Get Rid of Smelly Trash with These Tips & Our #SheSpeaksCompost Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.20.17
Get Rid of Smelly Trash with These Tips & Our #SheSpeaksCompost Giveaway!

It’s a real pain to have to take the trash out. It’s messy, it smells, and it contributes to landfills. However, there is one way to reduce your garbage production drastically, that will also almost completely eliminate the problems that come with garbage: Composting!

Read on to find out more, and then enter to win a great in-kitchen compost storage bin!

Why is composting so great?

Composting turns food scraps into a wonderful fertilizer you can use in a garden or a pot. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S dumps about 133 billion pounds of food per year into landfills, which is about one third of the amount of food produced annually! This food waste can be drastically reduced with more composting, because it creates a natural outlet for wasted food to go, and takes as little as 3-4 weeks to decompose compared to food waste in landfills that can take up to six months.

How do I compost?

You can purchase a small inexpensive compost bin for your kitchen or if you have a couple of square feet outdoors, you can create a box outside! Some cities, such as Boulder, CO and Brooklyn, NY have free city-wide composting programs for all residents. But you don't need an organized program to compost in your home. For more info on how to get started, check out this link

Step One: Choose a compost bin & place to put it

There are many different bins you can use to make your compost. Outside bins can be made out of plastic or wood, or you can purchase a ready-made one in a variety of different sizes and shapes. If you don't have space outside, you can buy a kitchen composter that sits right on your counter. Either way, just make sure to put it in a space that is easily accessible.

Step Two: Add the correct materials

You want to add an even amount of “green” and  “brown” materials, to ensure the process runs smoothly. Green materials include: vegetable and fruits, grass, coffee grounds, weeds and hedge trimmings. Brown materials include: Leaves, hay, straw, paper, cardboard, egg shells, and teabags.

Then what?

Keep putting your food and plant waste into the compost bin. It can take anywhere from four weeks to a year to change over to dirt, depending on factors like what you put in, the temperature, and how much mixing you do. Once it turns, you can use your new dirt in potted plants, outdoor gardens, tree beds, or you can even put it in the garbage - it will be smaller volume and less smelly than rotting food would have been.

Interested in composting? Enter to win a Full Circle Kitchen Composter to get started!

There are two ways to enter:

1. Comment below and tell us: Does composting seem like a possibility for you and your family? Or if you already compost, what are some tips or strategies that make it easy for you?

2. Tweet about the giveaway: “Entered the #SheSpeaksCompost Giveaway to win an in-home composting bin, thx to @SheSpeaksUp!"

*One lucky commenter or Tweeter will be chosen at random to receive a Full Circle Kitchen Composter. Giveaway is open through October 8th, 2017 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • janiea By janiea

    I don't like to put food in the trash so it goes outside. I throw potato peelings, banana peelings, oranges, etc., anything with a throwaway peeling outside. I've been using one certain spot and have been thinking about planting something there.

  • JoKitten By JoKitten

    I heard about it, just haven't done it yet, I first heard about this when watching greener worlds show on pbs, pretty interesting and would try it sometime :)

  • superdumb By superdumb

    We already compost but our current countertop bin is not particularly odor-free or fly-proof. We could use a better way to keep it handy before it gets taken to the big composter outside.

  • ZombieEdge By ZombieEdge

    I would love to start composting! I always feel bad throwing kitchen scraps away. We started gardening this year so this is a good idea for us!

  • msannaclark By msannaclark

    We just bought a home with acreage and can't wait to start composting for our garden.

  • FarmWife50 By FarmWife50

    Composting not only helps the environment, but it adds wonderful organic matter to your garden.

  • Darkraven9669 By Darkraven9669

    Never tried it before I have a small garden learned some great tips from this article and the members. It seems easy I'm going to try this soon.

  • Poonam1421 By Poonam1421

    I never tried composing my food .

  • Charash14 By Charash14

    Would love to start composting

  • acarrill93 By acarrill93

    It does! I've been wanting to start my own compost. I know it would really be great for our garden and for the earth.

  • shiebs24 By shiebs24

  • shiebs24 By shiebs24

    I would LOVE to get my family to compost more. My hubby is good with composting yard waste, but I feel like food scraps would be a struggle.

  • lifero By lifero

    Yes I do love to compost. I will love to win

  • catnip1222 By catnip1222

    I would love for my family to start composting! We try not to waste food but sometimes it happens, and I would love to know that we could turn a negative into a positive by composting.

  • nosilla916 By nosilla916

    We already compost! We love it for our garden, but need some solutions for getting things from the table and kitchen to outside. Our current set up just attracts bugs! Yuck!

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