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Take the Tyson Wonder Woman Quiz & Win a $50 Gift Card

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.27.17
Take the Tyson Wonder Woman Quiz & Win a $50 Gift Card
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What do we think is the HOTTEST movie of the summer?  Wonder Woman is crushing the box office and has become the hero of the summer.  

Check out the Wonder Woman Quiz from Tyson Foods and discover how you can be a hero to your family this summer.  Unlock ways to be a meal time hero to your family this summer, and enter to win movie tickets, Sam's Club Gift Cards and more!  

Answer these questions below to enter to win a $50 Sam's Club Gift Card.

Tyson Wonder Woman Giveaway

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  • Gabbiecat By Gabbiecat

    All of them!

  • saleago By saleago

    This was a good movie!

  • hamptonette By hamptonette

    when I win movie theater gift cards online, I send them to my Goddaughter's mother for her constant movie going with all her grandchildren so will see what all of them think!

  • Sjbutterfie By Sjbutterfie

    I loved the Wonder Woman TV show and I can't wait to go see Wonder Woman in theaters. My husband and I plan on going soon to see it. We just watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman was one of the opening trailers before the movie. We can't wait to see it! Thank you SheSpeaks and Tyson for the giveaway and for the chance. I love Tyson's foods.. we're always buying their chicken patty's. We have some in the freezer right now actually. Id love to try some of Tyson's chicken tenders and chicken nuggets though. They looked super tasty in the "4 Ways To Become A Meal Time Hero" section.

  • RachelLynn By RachelLynn

    All of them! Much love and many blessings to you and your families always!

  • DibiaseDuchess By DibiaseDuchess

    i can not wait to see this!

  • dianeclaudia By dianeclaudia

    I loved the Wonder Woman movie and I am looking forward to seeing Dunkirk,

  • Justmissash By Justmissash

    I can't wait to see this! We will just buy it and watch it while we are eating our Tyson chicken nugget and mac sliders :)

  • deerlee By deerlee

    All of them

  • sguillen50 By sguillen50

    I have the power....!!! I think that's a different show though. lol

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