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The Presidential Election: Join the Discussion for 4 Chances to Win Visa Gift Cards!

The Presidential Election: Join the Discussion for 4 Chances to Win Visa Gift Cards!

It's hard to check Facebook, read Twitter, turn on the TV or listen to the radio without a mention of the upcoming Presidential election. So what are you and your friends/family talking about this season? We're curious about your thoughts on the process.

Following are 4 questions about the election. Please click on each link and tell us what you think. Everyone who participates in the discussions will be entered to win one of four $25 Visa gift cards! The more questions you answer, the more chances you have to win.

How much do you discuss the upcoming Presidential election with friends and/or family, IN PERSON? In what way?

How much do you discuss the upcoming Presidential election with friends and/or family, ON SOCIAL MEDIA? In what way?

Do you tell friends and family who you are voting for?  How do you feel when a friend or family member tells you they are voting for a different candidate? What have you said or done?

Where are you getting your information about the election? What sources do you trust the most?

Please note: We ask that you please be respectful of other opinions/comments. Any inappropriate language will be deleted.

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Please note that comments on this page will not count as giveaway entries.

Update: Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion! Congratulations to our winners: 12Heather34, tcarolinep, Bulldog0325, What 74.

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  • Euphoria By Euphoria

    I honestly would rather not talk about it at all.

  • minimeeh By minimeeh

    I try not to talk about it with friends because some are easily anger people. I do sometimes talk about it with coworkers, about the latest Trump shenanigans and what effects he will have . But we never talk to deeply where we're injecting our political opinion. Mostly it's humor and jokes about politics

  • Bambing By Bambing

    I avoid political discussions as it often lead to dissent. I'd rather make my decision and stick with it.

  • beachblonde0029 By beachblonde0029

    I hate both candidates.

  • wittes02 By wittes02

    We talk about it some, but usually gets tiresome. Rarely, don't mention usually, only on occasion. IF they ask I'd tell them who I'm voting for. It depends on the person. Most of the time I'd ask what are their values and what they see in the candidate. Mostly news on TV sometimes on FB.

  • NikNik23 By NikNik23

    Mostly discuss it in person with friends and family. I enjoy hearing other people's reasoning for what and who they believe in. It's important to be passionate about who you support, but equally important to try and understand other people's political views as well.

  • JPAL7573 By JPAL7573

    answered all the questions - everyone should vote its your right as an american.

  • hotwhllvr79 By hotwhllvr79

    Done, thank you @shespeaks!

  • TSReed By TSReed

    If anyone is willing to listen, I try to educate them that there are more than the 2 really bad candidates and the only real choice we have is Gary Johnson.

  • birdhousemama By birdhousemama

    we discuss alot about what is going on and being said by both parties and frankly I'll be glad when its over. such a side show and not enough real info to go on.

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