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5 Things NOT to Do At a Party. Plus Enter to Win an Amazon Echo (valued at $179.99)!

5 Things NOT to Do At a Party. Plus Enter to Win an Amazon Echo (valued at $179.99)!

From BBQs to formal affairs, summer is always busy with lots of parties, so it's important to be ready. Luckily, we have party advice ready for you, courtesy of SheSpeaks members who taught us what NOT to do - through examples of the crazy wedding mishaps they experienced.

Read on to learn from the hilarious experiences of others and be prepared before you go to your next party - whatever type of party it may be!

Plus, we’re giving away the hottest gadget of the summer: an Amazon Echo (valued at $179.99), the in-home speaker system you can ask everything from “Alexa, how do I get cake stains out of a silk dress?” to “Alexa, where can I get a last-minute babysitter?"

Top 5 Things NOT to Do At a Party…

1. Do NOT wear clothes that are too big or too small!

Before you leave the house, make sure your clothing fits properly. No one wants a wardrobe malfunction, especially not what SheSpeaks member Jsthornhill3 experienced…

“I decided to switch wedding dresses at the last minute and didn't have time to get it altered. It was a bit too long but I thought it would be fine when I added my shoes. WRONG! I was walking and got caught up in the dress and tripped. When I fell it ripped my dress at the waistline. I was so embarrassed standing there with part of a dress on. I guess it is a good thing I had pretty under garments on.”

2. Do NOT forget to accessorize!

For party prep, you often focus on getting the jewelry and make-up perfect. But also think about less typical accessories like suntan lotion and bug spray. Sounds like winchamp wished she had done just that…

“ one word that sums up what I witnessed at a friend's wedding. Mosquitos were everywhere. They decided to have an outdoor wedding in the heat of the summer. It was hot and humid and the guests were like candy for the mosquitos. Bug candles were glowing and the wedding party seemed to be glowing even more with red bites.”

3. Do NOT forget the names of the host and hostess!

It’s tough to remember all of the people you meet, but you should know who is throwing the party. According to justme0419, definitely learn the groom’s name, especially if you are the bride…

“Okay, craziest wedding mishap would have to go to my friend who I'll leave anonymous for her pride’s sake. Lol. When it came time to read her vows, she started her off with a heartfelt "Kevin...." not her groom's name. Not. Even. Close.”

4. Do NOT expect children to be quiet!

It’s common for bored or unhappy children to get antsy and make a scene. So make sure to come with toys, snacks and a pacifier so that they won't make themselves heard at moments when silence is preferred, as sammosam witnessed…

 “As the minister said..."speak now or forever hold your peace"...the church went silent...except for the high-pitched & everlasting SCREAM of a toddler in attendance. Lol. That shriek echoed off the walls and everyone erupted in laughter!”

5. Do NOT skimp on dessert!

Everyone knows that dessert is the best part of any meal. So make sure you are prepared with extra in case any unfortunate accidents happen to the cake, as was the case with both GeekySweetie and lauraB24

“I attended a wedding reception once in a rustic barn setting (those seem popular these days) - but this one was perhaps a bit more rustic than most - It began to rain outside, and part of the roof caved in and landed right on the cake!”

“We didn't have a wedding ceremony. We had a small outdoor lunch in the great smoky mountains. A bird flew into our cake. It literally flew straight through it.”

Not that you’ve learned tips about what NOT to do at a party, we want to know what you should do. What is your best party tip? Tell us and you could win an Amazon Echo (valued at $179.99)!

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us something you always do (or do NOT do) at parties.


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Update: Thanks to all for entering! Congratulations to our winner: SheSpeaks member Angela811.

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  • Sherriejacques By Sherriejacques

    Always send your guest home with something. Whether it's a party favor or a plate of food, never let them leave empty handed. And of course have them leave Happy!!! #ILoveAmazon

  • Lainie2016 By Lainie2016

    I never leave my drinks unattended! I've seen what can happen. The scariest part is that it's usually someone you know and trust.

  • mrboehm26 By mrboehm26

    Something. I always do at a party is make sure I know where the bathroom is & something I never do at a party is get sick , strong like bull. Lol

  • alou18 By alou18

    Be a silent Nanny! While all the adults are socializing and drinking the little ones are sometimes off on there own. Thank God Someone was watching recently at a barbecue as a little one decided to take the dare to jump in and a stop what could have been a disaster for the little one couldn't swim!

  • djsbadgrl80 By djsbadgrl80

    Always bring a dish or drinks. Even whee when they tell u don't worry about it. Never show up empty handed.

  • smulligan0 By smulligan0

    Always be nice and smile - you never know when someone is going to take a picture, and you do not want to be the grump in the background!

  • sammosam By sammosam

    I always bring the Host or Hostess gift when I go to a party. I think it sends a statement of appreciation for being invited & also serves as a "thank you" for hosting. If you've ever thrown a party, you know how much time and energy goes into planning a thoughtful event, so be thoughtful as well and bring a gift. It is always appreciated.

  • sammosam By sammosam

    I try to shadow the host/hostess towards the end of a party, helping to clean up, or at least get trash & plates to the kitchen. It only takes a few minutes and helps lessen the burden for the one who was thoughtful enough to invite me. Helping a friend is always the right thing to do.

  • Amberulrich87 By Amberulrich87

    Always be willing to help where needed. Don't just sit around and expect to be served the entire time. If the host/hostess needs help cooking or cleaning up, jump in and offer to lend a hand!

  • sammosam By sammosam

    I'm never the last one to leave a party. I know how exhausting it can be to plan, prep & host a party, so I try to give the host/hostess a break and not stay too long after the party is winding down. But, I always help tidy up before I go because unless they have hired a cleaning crew, they will likely be up for hours after the last guest has gone.

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