What's Trending: #WineSlushies! Are They As Easy & Delicious As They Look? Plus, a Blender Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.25.16
What's Trending: #WineSlushies! Are They As Easy & Delicious As They Look? Plus, a Blender Giveaway!

With the Memorial Day holiday approaching, it's rare to go a day without someone posting a recipe for a favorite treat to cool you down. Nothing could be hotter right now than wine slushies, so we did a taste test to try out these frozen drinks. And we're thrilled that we did. Here are three wine slushies that are yes, both easy to make and incredibly delicious!

Want to try them at home? Read on to find our how you can win a Ninja Professional Blender (valued at over $110) so you can do a taste test of your own!

Berry Rosé Slushy

Just 3 minutes of total preparation time makes this the ideal "summer in a cup" go-to drink. Simply put 1/2 bag of frozen strawberries, 1/2 bag of frozen raspberries, and 3/4 bottle of rosé (chilled) of your choice in a blender. Blend together for 30 seconds or more depending on your desired consistency, and your new favorite cocktail is complete! It's great for a last minute yet sophisticated, refreshing, and easy-to-serve summer drink. Add honey, simple syrup, or sugar depending on your sweet tooth and top it off with a lemon peel garnish or fresh fruit to add a little flair. Impress party guests and enjoy! 


Sparkling Blueberry Slushy

Another fast and fun slushy idea! This time, we blended together ice, frozen blueberries, sparkling water, and Pinot Noir to make an icy summer delight perfect for red wine lovers. Once again, no serious preparation time needed. The added ice in this drink really defined the slushy texture, turning a classic childhood icy treat into a fun adult cocktail. Add sugar as needed and get creative with your frozen fruit choices!



Moscato Peach Slushy

With this recipe, you'll be prepared this summer. Just pour moscato wine (or any wine) into an ice cube tray and freeze. Then, whenever you want a cool drink, just put those grown-up ice cubes into a blender and like magic... a wine slushy! To spruce it up, try adding fruit - either frozen or fresh - to the blender with the ice cubes. If the fruit is at all tart, put in a little sugar as well. We added frozen peaches with sugar, and the results were delicious, like an ice pop for adults! Perfect drink for a hot summer evening.



We were overall impressed with these delicious summer drinks. Ready to try your own? What flavor would it be? Let us know and you can win a Ninja Professional Blender to make it yourself!

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below with a slushy you would like to drink - can be with or without wine.


Tweet about the giveaway!

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*One lucky commenter or Tweeter will be chosen at random to receive a Ninja Professional Blender (BL660), valued at $111.20. Giveaway is open through June 5th, 2016 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Update: Thank you to everyone for entering! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member Wizdom39!

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  • doobrah By doobrah

    Ooh, I would like to try the Berry Rose slushy. I can almost taste it now!!

  • lynzerbean By lynzerbean

    moscato peach!! I LOVE LOVE moscato wine so this would be great. Peach, well not so much. Would love it if it were a moscato mango!

  • astonger By astonger

    I want to try a kahlua mudslide slushie!

  • lilannie By lilannie

    Pina Colada slushie

  • Sohair By Sohair

    I like the Moscato Peach Slushy

  • nbruce By nbruce

    The Sparkling Blueberry Slushie would be delicious with our fresh Jersey Blues!!

  • Flourish By Flourish

    Pina Colada Slushy

  • Flourish By Flourish

    Pins Colada Slushy

  • StormyViolet By StormyViolet

    Mango and peach sounds amazing.

  • budgetbee By budgetbee

    I would love to try a virgin Strawberry slushie

  • ironram1 By ironram1

    Sparkling peach sounds great for me :)

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78

    They all sound delicious, but I'd choose the berry rose since it a has strawberries... hubby's b-day is in a couple days and he loves strawberries. And he's been wanting a ninja.

  • mom3ways By mom3ways

    A Mojito Slushy sounds #Yummy #WineSlushy #NinjaBlender

  • cece03 By cece03

    I would like to try the Moscato Peach Slushy

  • raggedyannnj By raggedyannnj

    Thinking lemon sorbet and raspberries with prosecco and mint slushy....😎

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