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April Fools! Watch These Celeb Pranks & Enter to Win the @SheSpeaksUp #AprilFools Giveaway

April Fools! Watch These Celeb Pranks & Enter to Win the @SheSpeaksUp #AprilFools Giveaway

Though it’s a tradition that’s been going on for hundreds of years, no one is exactly sure how April Fool’s Day got its start. Some believe it originated in France in 1582 when people mistakenly celebrated New Years in April instead of January. Others link April Fool's Day to the unpredictable weather that can fool you this time of year.

Whatever the origin, we can all agree that there’s nothing like a good prank, as long as you’re not the victim. So sit back and enjoy some of the most memorable celebrity April 1st action!

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Last year we saw a pretty epic prank when Rihanna surprised the notorious prankster Jimmy Kimmel by showing up to his house at 1am on April 1st and giving him a private performance while he slept (complete with strobe lights and backup dancers).


Clever News reminds us that a couple of years ago we saw Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne go at it as they fought over who was more famous in Canada. The pop singers posted a short video clip to their Instagram on April 1st, 2014 of them pummeling one another. Lavigne later posted a picture to her Twitter captioned “#aprilfools” that shows her about to punch Miley in the face.



Ellen DeGeneres’ idea of a prank seems to be a good scare. She has a history of scaring her guests and on April Fool's Day in 2009 she made Christina Applegate scream in terror not once but twice. The actress was surprised by Ellen hiding in her dressing room before the show. Then during her interview, someone dressed as a fake plant snuck up behind her, inducing another bloodcurdling scream.



And who can forget the time Katie Couric managed one of the most memorable pranks ever on the Late Late Show with James Corden. As Corden introduced Couric, a stunt double appeared at the top of a set of stairs looking like she’s having trouble with her heels. She then goes head over heels, tumbling down each step. Corden rushes over in sheer horror asking if she is okay before the real Katie Couric emerges saying, “April Fool's!”.



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  • Gallagss By Gallagss

    My friend left deodorant on my car dashboard at random times every april fools for five years. I was stunned every April 1st, and thought it was hilarious but at the same freaked out that someone has gotten in my locked car. Very funny still.

  • TinaNicole80 By TinaNicole80

    my husband told me he was in a car accident. it was definitely memorable, but not very fun!

  • angelasbnb By angelasbnb

    I put a rubber band around the kitchen faucet sprayer. When my hubby turned on the water he got it full force all over his bare chest and it was cold!! Lol Thank you!

  • 1Nancy By 1Nancy

    Our graduate level class was waiting on our PhD level professor to start the April 1st class. Soon after he arrived, one by one, the students got up and left the class until no one was left except the professor.

  • MyPinkKitty By MyPinkKitty

    I called my parents and told them I needed a ride from jail because I had gotten a DUI. They didn't think it was funny though;)

  • NanciR By NanciR

    The one gone viral on the internet where the brothers prank their sister who is still loco from dental surgery that the zombie apocalypse has begun. " Save the cat, idiot."

  • alluringbrat By alluringbrat

    It was a time when a friend said they lost the car keys when we were far away from home and we looked and looked for at least a half hour before he finally admitted it was just a joke!!

  • Cheriblossom By Cheriblossom

    Giving my dad a fake lottery ticket. He thought he won 10 million dollars. When i broke the news to him that it was fake lottery ticket and that he really didn't win 10 million, he didn't speak to me for the rest of the day.

  • Koolknight By Koolknight

    I pranked my mom one year, or so I thought , but she had seen me set it up and let her sister eat the first bite of a chocolate dirt pie! We both cried laughing!

  • Poohkitten By Poohkitten

    Katies was the BEST!! I knew it was a prank but it looked Amazingly real. Thanks for sharing the laughs.

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