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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 11, 2015

We conducted a survey that found that 65% of women believe a woman would make a good president. Does that number surprise you? Watch our new video and see how influential bloggers react to the news.

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mosquints by mosquints | Sequim, WA
Sep 21, 2015


parker2820031 by parker2820031 | PORTAGE, IN
Sep 20, 2015

The most qualified person should be president. Male, female it shouldn't matter the sex.

MrsC06 by MrsC06 | OAKLYN, NJ
Sep 20, 2015

Of course I feel a woman would make a good president - provided she has the experience to do the job/run the country properly. There's a certain Republican candidate that I would NEVER vote for as I don't feel she's a supporter of other women (just look at her shocking thoughts about PP, equal pay & maternity leave). I would never just vote for a candidate based on the fact that has the same body parts as me. She would have to have a track record of supporting women's rights as well as other things I'm in favor of in order to get my vote!

natpay by natpay | ASHEVILLE, NC
Sep 20, 2015

The right woman could hopefully make a difference in how our government is run and the state of our country.

cgrib100 by cgrib100 | MCKEESPORT, PA
Sep 19, 2015

A women does have alot more understanding then MOST men but I think it's all about the person NOT the gender of the person honestly!

Jackie9641 by Jackie9641 | GRAYSLAKE, IL
Sep 19, 2015

I don't care if it's woman/man/white/black/jew - I just want someone that will carry my values and be fiscally responsible.

ThatGrrlTina by ThatGrrlTina | SELDEN, NY
Sep 19, 2015

I think a woman could absolutely be President. I don't believe Hillary is the one for the job though.

herbalkate by herbalkate | LOUISVILLE, KY
Sep 19, 2015

Women have been leaders of other countries for millennia, yet it is still debated in this country as to whether or not America is ready for a female president. I am so ashamed of my country for being so small-minded and ignorant about the equality of women, African Americans, the LGBT QIA community and others. We should all be considered equals and have the same rights and the same opportunities, including being president of the USA. While every citizen has the right to run for office, not every citizen will be taken seriously nor given a fair shot. I'm tired of this country being run by old, white men. The days of living on the plantation and having our decisions made by the Master is over. It's time the country caught up to the rest of the world and elected a person based on their abilities, and not denied the opportunity based on their gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. Get with it, people.

dibingolady3 by dibingolady3 | N CHESTERFLD, VA
Sep 19, 2015

What difference does it make whether your a man or woman who is running to be the president what I really care about is are the promises you make by wanting to be the president true and hones because I don't want to vote for someone who says one thing then does another. Its important to me that whoever is president does the best they can do gender has no importance to me other then one is female and one is male. Being a woman doesn't qualify one to be president its can she do the right things for us all.

Maryfairy32 by Maryfairy32 | OSAKIS, MN
Sep 19, 2015

I think it's time for a woman to step in. Look at the countries that have Queen's. People respect them!I want Sarah Palin in command. Based on her God fearing belief's, I would vote for her hands down. This country is falling apart because of the man we have in office as our president right now. He does what ever he wants with this country and we as tax payers are letting him get away with it. If this country doesn't get back to the basic's of what our founding forefathers put out on paper for all to clearly see and follow. Then we are doomed in the United States.

rachelbuell888 by rachelbuell888 | NEWTOWN, CT
Sep 19, 2015

I think a woman would make a good president, women are the stronger sex- well maybe not physically all of the time but mentally yes!

Dollsrus by Dollsrus | RALEIGH, NC
Sep 18, 2015

I think it is sad that more don't believe a woman should be President. Of course, not every man should be President any more than every woman should be. It should be based on their skills and there is no reason a female could not serve as an excellent President.

thebramble by thebramble | REDONDO BEACH, CA
Sep 18, 2015

Depends on the women running, really. I feel the same way about the men.

songinc by songinc | Marlboro, NJ
Sep 18, 2015

A woman would make an excellent president!!

vieprivee1 by vieprivee1 | THOUSAND OAKS, CA
Sep 18, 2015

It is about time a women became president of the United States. Women are much more empathetic and compassionate than many men and think a lot clearer IMHO.