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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 11, 2015

We conducted a survey that found that 65% of women believe a woman would make a good president. Does that number surprise you? Watch our new video and see how influential bloggers react to the news.

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Charash14 by Charash14 | JUDSONIA, AR
Apr 20, 2017

I'm one of those annoying Christian women that think that men should be leaders... Starts way back in Genesis

miswede54 by miswede54 | FARMINGTN HLS, MI
Apr 19, 2017

Why wouldn't a woman make a good president? Gender really has nothing to do with the ability to govern our country. We have had some horrible male presidents and that hasn't stopped them.

smethvin by smethvin | PALATKA, FL
Apr 08, 2017

depends on the female, some would be great to take care of our country and pull us up together. Others may not know how to do that job and unite the people as with ANY person. I do not believe its just a mans job, but the best persons job.

Katita by Katita | Las Vegas, NV
Mar 25, 2017

I just would like to see a really great, smart and fair woman become president

smilesitsAnge by smilesitsAnge | Baton Rouge, LA
Feb 09, 2017

Women can do any job a man can do! This is 2017 for good sakes, e don't live in the 1700's!

SuperXNovaX by SuperXNovaX | Spokane, WA
Jan 25, 2017

Education , competence & political experience certainly can qualify a woman to be president. #SheSpeaksTV #GiveAway

JackyS by JackyS | CONCORD, NC
Jan 25, 2017

I really think it depends on the person. I believe that there's very little things that separate a women and a man. But being able to do a job is not one of those things. Anyone can let their emotions run them or they can use their head. I hate the stereotypical "women let their emotions get the best of them" quote; which i believe was made to make women feel insecure about themselves. Anyone be a president but it takes a strong, smart, person to be a great president.

Misspepsi by Misspepsi | REDMOND, OR
Dec 07, 2016

There is no reason a women should not be as long as she is qualified

ReviewByCrystal by ReviewByCrystal | Panora, IA
Dec 05, 2016

Yes! I think there are times when a woman may have more tact in different situations.

Kimber78 by Kimber78 | DEMOSSVILLE, KY
Dec 01, 2016

I do think a woman would be a great president and would love to see one in the white house (not Clinton) but I have worked as an assistant to both women and men and can confidently say women are better leaders. Being a past Girl Scout leader for 6 years to 20 girls and a mother to two girls. I always told them "Females can do anything makes can do and sometimes even better." They've seen me chop down and pull large trees to a pile, tear off and reshingle a roof. Be a good leader, teach them many things. Woman at smart, we have to wear many hats and juggle many events, tasks and excel at them. I know a woman would be the best president ever if we get the right one.

srbartz by srbartz | Dorr, MI
Dec 01, 2016

I really don't want a woman president. I've had women bosses and for the most part, I prefer a male boss.

kaliel by kaliel | Port Orchard, WA
Nov 16, 2016

Most definitely! Women out number men 5 to one. Women are all about family and helping families have better lives. if women were in charge they could see to that all women were treated fairly.; given equal pay for equal work, health insurance that was affordable for all and so many other things that would make life better for all.

sandramburns1959 by sandramburns1959 | CONCORD, NC
Nov 03, 2016

It depends on the woman. I feel that Ms. Clinton is not the right one. Too much controversy surrounding her.

rblooflat by rblooflat | HINES, MN
Oct 31, 2016

I think a women would be good but just not the one that's running right now

Imageblot2 by Imageblot2 | Egg Harbor City, NJ
Oct 08, 2016

Women juggle more things on a daily basis than men. I don't see why we wouldn't be able to use common sense to run the country more efficiently.