Fall Trends That Will Have You Looking Fabulous This Fall (and a Giveaway)

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 02, 2015

Though you may not be hearing the rustle of leaves or feeling the crisp breeze yet, fall will soon be upon us. And with the new season, comes yet another fun excuse to go shopping for a few key pieces to add to the wardrobe. From pants with a little flare to fancy stoles, the season’s latest trends are sure to keep us nice and toasty while looking fabulous this fall. 

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Runways everywhere are saying farewell to the skinny jean, ushering in a new era of roomier trousers. Some of the new pant styles are only flared at the hem (especially jeans) while other dressier styles have a wider leg from top to bottom. The new style has been making its way to the forefront of fashion for a while now with many denim looks giving us flashbacks from our bell-bottomed days of yore.

If you really want to make this look pop InStyle advises that you pair your flare with heels to help elongate your shape and keep you from tripping up on the hem. Whether you’re shopping for a flared pair of jeans or wide legged trousers, make sure they are high-wasted. This will make your legs look even longer and accentuate those glorious curves. A snug blouse or sweater and fall jacket (probably sitting in your closet right now) goes perfectly with this look.

And if you’re like us, the best part is yet to come - scarves! With all the different scarf styles, patterns and materials to choose from, accessorizing for the fall has never been more fun. The oversized scarf can double as a shawl, the infinity scarf is stylish and requires zero effort to tie, and a more traditional fall scarf can be tied in many ways to add a pop of color or texture to your outfit.

And if you want to channel a very chic old school look making its way back to the runway this fall, go ahead and wrap yourself in a faux fur stole. This look will add sophistication and style to any ensemble.

What do you think of some of the latest fall fashion trends this year?

Comment below with the fashion trend you are most looking forward to trying out this fall for a chance to win a $100 gift card to American Express!

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fernrx1 by fernrx1 | BUFFALO GROVE, IL
Sep 03, 2015

Just love the idea of wrapping a scarf around the handle of a satchel bag and wearing a coordinating huge scarf around your neck. Can't wait for the cold weather to try the look.

AprilGolightly by AprilGolightly | BOCA RATON, FL
Sep 03, 2015

I am excited for flares as they balance my big hips and now they will look in style as well. Yay Fall!!!

Marybethnron by Marybethnron | Dallas, GA
Sep 03, 2015

Chanel chic is my favorite!

jshove1 by jshove1 | HAMPSTEAD, MD
Sep 03, 2015

Im most looking forward to bell bottoms again, I love them so much!

Mollywobbles2 by Mollywobbles2 | ANN ARBOR, MI
Sep 03, 2015

I can't wait for the high waisted flairs! Flash back to one of my favorite fashion eras!

llplante by llplante | PAWTUCKET, RI
Sep 03, 2015

The over-sized scarves never go out of style...they are my favorite. They make dressing up a simple outfit so easy.

vlb0920 by vlb0920 | PORT ALLEGANY, PA
Sep 03, 2015

High-wasted wide leg trousers with heels!!!

Peachesncream887 by Peachesncream887 | NASHUA, NH
Sep 03, 2015

I will try the oversized scarf trend.

escada96 by escada96 | SAN TAN VLY, AZ
Sep 02, 2015

the oversized scarves look cool i'd love to try those.

csilva by csilva | Grand Island, NE
Sep 02, 2015


curiousgirl by curiousgirl | Whitefish Bay, WI
Sep 02, 2015

I love the stylish and bold scarves! They are gorgeous and do double duty by keeping us warm!

nbruce by nbruce | AUDUBON, NJ
Sep 02, 2015

The oversized scarf as a shawl is great-so versatile!

Freegrl1 by Freegrl1 | ALTON, NH
Sep 02, 2015

I love the over-sized scarves that can be worn in so many ways and made from different materials. Those I would like the opportunity to try out!

TM2020 by TM2020 | Winthrop, MA
Sep 02, 2015

I have to agree with ladies here, scarves are my thing! You can have a simple solid top and a nice scarf and that upgrades the whole look! I have at least 20 scarves in my wardrobe for every season!

thatSusanW by thatSusanW | KINGSTON SPGS, TN
Sep 02, 2015

I love the new flared jean look. Reminds me of when I was oh, so young!