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Stay Hydrated! Enter the #DrinkDripDrop Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 02.10.15
Stay Hydrated! Enter the #DrinkDripDrop Giveaway
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Did you know that each year, between 5 and 20 percent of Americans get the flu and millions more suffer from colds? Keeping yourself, and your children, hydrated during flu and cold season is about to get easier – and tastier! We’ve teamed up with DripDrop to offer you the chance to try their hydration powder that prevents and treats mild to moderate dehydration.
One lucky winner will receive a $50 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card and two boxes of DripDrop one of each flavor (Natural Lemon and Natural Berry).
There are two ways to enter!
Comment below and let us know why you would like to try DripDrop.
Click here to Tweet: “I’m Tweeting for a chance to win @dripdrop! Enter the @SheSpeaksUp giveaway: ” #DrinkDripDrop

Good luck!
Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. Enter through 3/2. Winner will be chosen randomly by 3/4 and notified by email.

Congratulations to our winner arevanovich.



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  • null99 By null99

    This sounds awesome! It was always hard to get my kids to drink plain water to stay healthy, but with this, it'll be fun and tasty!

  • luckysista By luckysista

    I often forget to drink water during my busy days at work and need some hydration?!

  • Cosmicgreengirlygirl By Cosmicgreengirlygirl

    This cold and flu season has been drutal on my family. Everyone got the flu and unfortunately one of them also got strep throat...Ouch. So, with all my family being on medication and not being able to swallow with soar throats, keeping hydrated was extremely difficult. So, in closing..YES I would definitely like to try this product.

  • diamonddiaries By diamonddiaries

    DripDrop is new to me and I think hydration is very important all year round.

  • lynnxx77 By lynnxx77

    I would love to try drip drop, this year the whole family is sick and trying to stay hydrated through the flu season!

  • amos311 By amos311

    Sounds like a great new product! Can't wait to try it and let all my friends and followers know how it works!

  • jenniferhess75 By jenniferhess75

    I am a busy mom to 4 kids. I cant afford to get sick. These are quick, easy and great for on the go!!

  • LoriLoriBear By LoriLoriBear

    This sounds like a perfect way to stay hydrated during sickness or after workouts

  • ammarie By ammarie

    Have been contemplating buying this product for some time now. This is the perfect chance to try it & likely love it. I'm left with the feeling of dehydration more often than not. This seems to be the perfect remedy. Especially being as busy as I am. A quick fix is most definitely needed & much appreciated. Thanks!

  • rychepet By rychepet

    I would love to try because I often have a dry mouth & eyes....need to be hydrated!

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