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Viral Videos that Made Us Laugh in 2013

Viral Videos that Made Us Laugh in 2013

If you feel blue that The Year which gave us The Cronut and far too many celebrity selfies is over - we've got just the thing to start the year with sidesplitting merriment!

Forget the hoaxes and whoppers of Manti Teo's Imaginary Girlfriend, Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger, Lance Armstrong, the disaster that was #AskRKelly, Mayor Rob Ford, etc., etc. Just kick back and watch these hilarious Viral Videos we bring you from Norway, Japan, and Tim Russert's beloved Florida, Florida, Florida.

Which of these videos is your favorite? Comment below by January 5, 2014 - and you will be automatically entered to win a $100 Gift Card from Best Buy!*

1. Adorable 5-year old Claire signing while singing so her deaf parents in the audience can follow along for the Kindergarten Holiday Concert

2. The Viral Video of the year, with more than 350 million views, goes to the Norwegian comedy group Ylvis for their pop-dance music about sounds in the woods at night. This video was so big that it had us asking ourselves if fish really do go "blub." And by the time we heard "wre-e-e-e-eck" months later, it didn't sound quite as original as when we first heard "ho-o-o-o-rse."

3.Just about every group convened this spring to make a Harlem Shake video - entire universities, co-worker alliances, business consortiums, medical students, prisoners, family subsets et al - but our surefire fave is this 60 second exuberance by the baby-billionaires who are the Miami Heat.

4. And lastly, we bring you the ultimate in happiness to ring in the New Year - here is "DayMan" from 8 Japanese scoolchildren.

Fighter of the NightMan
Champion of the Sun...
And Friendship for Everyone


Happy New Year, Everyone!

*Open to USA residents at least 18 years of age

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  • misti911 By misti911

    I like the first one the best. so cute

  • lizzzy2 By lizzzy2

    5 year old claire hands down..How cute

  • revisioned By revisioned

    The video with Claire is the best

  • amandamakes8 By amandamakes8

    Kindergarten Holiday Concert as it is so adorable to see this child sign for her parents

  • SBBAmy By SBBAmy

    #2 what does the fox say

  • emolie27 By emolie27

    My favorite is video #1!

  • ooster1 By ooster1

    My favorite video is definitely what does the fox say video #2

  • lstar101112 By lstar101112

    I vote for video # 1 super cute!


    Claire is the best video. Just to see her do that for her parents so they could know what they were singing is something wonderful

  • vegasgirl By vegasgirl

    The first video was my favorite. I enjoyed that video so much

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