4 Easy Halloween Ideas

   By daisykuchins  Oct 08, 2013

We've got twice the treats!

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But first, we caught up with Holiday Party Expert and celebrity guest blogger Daisy Kuchins for her 4 best Easy Tips to make your holiday haunt more fun than a Vampire's Ball!  She told us:

"As the editor of a holiday website, I see a lot of creative Halloween ideas - crafts, recipes, decorating tips and costume ideas start coming in from my writers when October begins. Through the years there are some ideas that I've adopted and are now my go-to’s every year. The common denominator to all these crafts and recipes is that they are super easy, which I am all about. When I need to bring a dish to a party or an activity to do with the kids, these are my favorite EASY Halloween tricks I have up my sleeve."

Craft:  Mummified Jar Candle Holders

With a new baby this Halloween, I can truly appreciate DIY and crafts that are easy without necessarily looking it. That’s one reason why I love this decorative craft. It’s cheap to make and you might even have everything you need around the house.

Treat: Tombstone Brownies

This Halloween treat is one of my favorite go-to recipes for parties. They are easy enough to make, since they are only semi-homemade, and they really make me look more creative than I think I am. kids will love to make, and eat these brownies. 

Pumpkin Decorating: Halloween Glitter Pumpkins

One reason I love this glitter pumpkin craft is because it can be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is a great inexpensive centerpiece for an elegant Fall bash. 

 Finger Food: Mummy Dogs

These Halloween appetizers are so ridiculously easy, and both kids and adults will love them. For bite-size appetizers just use cocktail weiners. For a slightly more upscale version use phyllo dough and sausages. If your kids are free have them help you create the mummy dogs; they'll love making them as much as they love eating them.


Special thanks to Daisy! To enter the Goodie Giveaway* comment below by October 13th and tell us all about your favorite Halloween candy!  And now to get the party started, how about a little "Monster Mash?"

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Petanag by Petanag | GRAND RAPIDS, MI
Oct 09, 2013

Nothing says Halloween like candy corn

rkosully by rkosully | DOTHAN, AL
Oct 09, 2013

We only used to be able to get candy corn at Halloween, and it has always been my favorite. Even now that it's available at other times, it is still my special Halloween treat!

suzanette by suzanette | BERLIN, MI
Oct 09, 2013

I steal all of the pumpkins out of the Brach's harvest mix candy corn bag each year.

lindawilliams by lindawilliams | NILES, IL
Oct 09, 2013

i love clark bars and butterfingers

lindawilliams by lindawilliams | NILES, IL
Oct 09, 2013

i would love a box of candy treats, having a bad week so this would be a great lift me up

Pbrooky1229 by Pbrooky1229 | SUN CITY CTR, FL
Oct 09, 2013

Hmmm, if I have to choose, Reese Cups, Kit Kats, Peanut M&M's, Mounds, okay, maybe I can't choose...

prudence247 by prudence247 | PORTLAND, OR
Oct 09, 2013

My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn! I blame my mother as it is also her favorite Halloween candy and maybe it's because she used to steal them from my bag of treats as a kid (or I swear she would lie and say the packaging was "torn" when inspecting my candy) and I've decided they are a rare treat. Either way, to this day every time Halloween comes around I buy a bag (or two or three!) of candy corn.

bishopcz by bishopcz | Metter, GA
Oct 09, 2013

Fave halloween candy is vanilla tootsie rolls

onlyonetoni by onlyonetoni | RICHMOND, VA
Oct 09, 2013

My favorite Halloween candy is Bit-o-Honey's and Mary Janes! Old fashioned, I know!! Oldies but GOODies! :)

debbie240 by debbie240 | REGO PARK, NY
Oct 09, 2013

FUDGIES!!! Too bad I can't find them anymore

meadow230 by meadow230 | CHAMBERSBURG, PA
Oct 09, 2013

I love milky ways, sinful and worth it

ccrunnerchic by ccrunnerchic | CINCINNATI, OH
Oct 09, 2013

Marshmallow peeps!!

wolfiegirl by wolfiegirl | los angeles, CA
Oct 09, 2013

i love almond m&ms!

missie_dee2003 by missie_dee2003 | NASHVILLE, GA
Oct 09, 2013

I love the peanut butter kisses in the orange and black wrappers for Haloween, along with the Mary Janes in the same kind of wrappers. Every year I have to get these.

lesh4537 by lesh4537 | CLEVELAND, OH
Oct 09, 2013

Why did I open this up. Now I am craving a lot of the candy I have not had in a long time. But right now I love anything plain chocolate the darker the better. Hershey's Dark Chocolate has always been a favorite.