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What Is Your Favorite School Memory?

What Is Your Favorite School Memory?

School is an important rite of passage for everyone. To some kids it's fun and exciting, to others it's a boring daily routine; and at both their favorite and most despised place. But those of us who have been out of school, we know that school days are the best times of your life!

What’s your favorite school memory? A teacher? Recess? Your classroom crush? Back-to-school shopping? Playing team sports?

"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. - Unknown"
We’d love to hear your favorite school memory. Send us your photos, videos or comment below for a chance to win a Gift Card from Tiffany & Co.

To get you started, here are favorite school memories from the team at SheSpeaks, and a few other notable people we like.

“I remember, on my first day of Kindergarden I was extremely nervous to take the bus for the first time. I sat right in the front, but when my older (and not always inclusive) brother boarded the bus, he took my hand and led me to the back to sit with him and his friends informing me that the back of the bus was "where the cool kids sat." I definitely needed that boost!" - Amy

"In the 4th grade I transferred to a new K-8 Catholic school. The uniforms (plaid jumpers) from both schools were so similar that my mom refused to order a new pair for me. Needless to say my plaid jumper stuck out from everyone else's until about the 7th grade!" - Theresa

"My family and I would always have a back to school dinner before the school year started." - John

"One of my favorite back-to-school memories is not actually going back to school but looking at the first day of school pictures months and years later - the kids are so cute and the new backpack for school always looks so crisp and ready for a new year of adventures!" - Ann

“My favorite part of going back to school was always shopping for school supplies. Being the nerd that I am, I loved having fresh notebooks and pens! Supplies shopping may have been my favorite part of summer.” - Emily

“I remember taking a picture with a group of friends at a “back-to-school” picnic hosted by the College. We weren’t told that the picture was going to be used for various marketing pieces for the school. So we were surprised to find that picture in every poster, view book and marketing material the entire time we were there. I was always recognized as the “poster-child” by people, but it really was a great picture that made for great marketing!” – Christine

We’d love to hear your favorite school memory! Send us your photos, videos, or comment for a chance to win a Gift Card from Tiffany and Co. valued at $100.

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  • candyisverygood By candyisverygood

    My favorite memory from school was making play-doh in grade 2 because afterward, I would eat the darn thing!

  • wizkey By wizkey

    I met my sweet hubby in high school. Very fond memories!!

  • kelceyryder By kelceyryder

    I remember when I started high school. I was 14 years old In Irving Texas. Oh I had gone to school here all my life was high school was a BIG DEAL. I had bounced around in several different elementary schools and 2 jr. high schools due to re-districting or moving or new schools being built. But High School was a brand new Big school with lots of kids I did not know. I remember running into a girl named Virginia. She was so nice and pretty too. We became fast friends. She was so funny and a bit shy too. As we evolved through our high school years we stayed fast friends. She became very popular and I was in the band but through it all we remained friends. We often slept over at each other's houses, even traded clothes from time to time. After my senior year my family moved to California and I was so sad to leave all my good friends. house.

  • thecharmed4 By thecharmed4

    My favorite school memory, or rather the one I remember most is when I was in 4th grade I believe and our class went on a field trip to Nature's classroom, there we learned archery, about different species of animals and bugs. It was such a wonderful experience.

  • shaktimom By shaktimom

    My favorite back to school moment (or moments) were of my high school art room. I always loved being able to create things from painting to sculpture, and I had the freedom to experiment with new ideas there. It was a second home for me. The best part was having a teacher, Ms. Stella, who fostered independent thinking and gave me the chance to push my self in my work.

  • noemigm By noemigm

    My favorite school memory was participating in my French Club food sale. We had so much fun making French food and best of all, everyone like my Croque Monsiers. And now of course, I am hungry for one :).

  • polishchicagoqueen By polishchicagoqueen

    I loved the first day back to school. Seeing what friends were in my class from the previous year, if I recognized my teacher, sitting in a new desk, embracing a new classroom. The newness of the first day back always gave me butterflies in my stomach, with equal parts excitement and wonder.

  • angelabrooks By angelabrooks


  • ironram1 By ironram1

    My favorite school memory is that on the first day of school every year, my mom would take a photo of me. It always was such a fun thing for us to do and a rite of passage so to speak. It is fun to go through them as an adult and watch myself grow each year!

  • DevlshDamsel By DevlshDamsel

    The very first day of first grade. It's when I met my best friend Shelly. She was crying when her mother brought her into class the first day.....her mom saw me and told her...."See that girl over there with the long hair, sit next to her she looks nice!" buds ever since

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