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RSVP for the #EverydayEffect Twitter Party Wednesday 6/19 at 8pm ET

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.12.13
RSVP for the #EverydayEffect Twitter Party Wednesday 6/19 at 8pm ET
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June 19 will be a big day in P&G’s history and we hope you can be part of it! You’re invited to the #EverydayEffect Twitter Party, hosted by @SheSpeaksUp and @PGeveryday.
RSVP to be eligible for the door prize by commenting on this post with your Twitter handle (Ex. @SheSpeaksUp)!

The Twitter Party Details:
When: Wednesday June 19 at 8pm ET
Where: Twitter - follow hashtag #EverydayEffect
Brands: @PGeveryday
Panelists: @SuuperG, @HaveUHeard1, @StacieInAtlanta, @Zipporahs, @AlyWalansky, @LisaSamples, @RachelFerrucci, @Beauty411

Twitter Party Topics
You’re invited to celebrate the P&G Everyday Effect! We’ll be talking about some of our favorite P&G brands and products, and how sometimes the little things in life can make a big difference.

Twitter Party Prizes*:
We're giving away a total of over $1,500 in prizes! Lucky winners* participating in the Twitter Party will be randomly selected to receive $100 Visa gift cards. You could win our grand prize, an iPad and a $150 Amazon gift card!

To get started, click here to Tweet:
"Join me at the #EverydayEffect Twitter Party w/ @SheSpeaksUp & @PGeveryday 6/19 at 8pm ET!"

Tweet about the party and comment on the blog post for a chance to win a special party favor. 50 people will be selected randomly and notified via Twitter on Thursday June 20, 2013. You must be following @SheSpeaksUp on Twitter to be eligible to win!!

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New to Twitter Parties?
No problem. Check out our Twitter Party tips and hints. Then get ready to jump into the conversation!

Be sure to RSVP for the party by commenting on this blog post with your Twitter handle. 

*Prize winners must have RSVP-ed via comments below and be participating in the discussion to win. Participants must be following @SheSpeaksUp on Twitter to be eligible to win. Open to United States residents only. One prize per winner. No purchase necessary. Twitter Party prize winners must complete a form with mailing details within 48 hours of the party. The form will be DMed if you win a prize.


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  • rjennings67 By rjennings67

    RSVP @rj9247 :)

  • roxysecrets78 By roxysecrets78

    RSVP @roxysecrets78 I'll be there!

  • SPN_Mom By SPN_Mom

    RSVP: @SPN_Mom. Great prizes!

  • JessyR By JessyR

    @jezzyra this is so exciting! P&G really showing love for their customers! Shespeaks is a dominating presence in the business world. So appreciative I can be a part of this. ;)

  • ddragonffly By ddragonffly

    @libelula_latina I'll be there!

  • surveyname By surveyname

    @surveyname I would love to join too

  • girlgone By girlgone

    Sounds like a great party! :) RSVP @RhondaP3

  • elenavo By elenavo

    @lifesdeepcolors soooo excited!

  • misswoman By misswoman

    rsvp@misswoman! thanks, will be there!

  • lily1346 By lily1346

    @lianneanderic or @lianneandericJA - Can't wait!! Awesome prizes. :) Maybe I'll win this time!

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