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Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win A $25 Gift Card Or Pampers!

Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win A $25 Gift Card Or Pampers!

Pampers is offering a special offer in the month of June. Receive a free sample pack (which includes Tide Pods, Downy Unstoppable Fresh, Vidal Sassoon Shampoo, Crest 3D White Vivid Fluoride Toothpaste, and Olay Pro-X Tone spot-fading treatment w/ info card) with any purchase of Pampers diapers on, while supplies last.

We wanted to offer you a chance to win a pack of Pampers in your choice of size OR a $25 Walmart Gift Card.

How to Enter
Comment below to tell us the funniest thing your favorite little person has said that put a smile on your face. It could be your child, a grandchild, or even your niece or nephew.


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"Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win Pampers or A $25 Gift Card!”

One Lucky Member will be chosen at random to receive one pack of Pampers in your choice of size OR a $25 Walmart gift card.

Entries open until Friday June 28th 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on Monday, July 1st 2013.

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  • Carebare128 By Carebare128

    You know the saying Cute as a button.I used it a lot to describe my middle girl when she was younger.Well when she was four she was looking at some puddles in our drive way that had tadpoles in it and she looked up at me with this huge smile on her face and said Mama aren't they cute as a bug.LOL.Needless to say I still laugh about it today.


    My grandson calls me by my first name ...

  • candyland0606 By candyland0606

    Last night, my 2 year old daughter picked up a crumb off the table cloth while we were eating and asked what it was. It was a piece of breading from the chicken we'd had the previous night, so I told her it was "yucky" and asked her to put it back on the table. She threw it on the floor instead and said "Here puppy!". We don't have a dog... so I mentioned that to her and she said it was her dogs {imaginary friends} and called for "Annie" and "Brobie"

  • traymona By traymona

    While having a discussion with my 7 year old grandson about the moon and how it sometimes is full, sometimes half and sometimes quarter moon, he piped up and said that if the sun did that it would be called partly sunny.

  • jocestl22 By jocestl22

    My 1 year old daughter's laugh and her personality, she's so cute!

  • tiffanysblogs By tiffanysblogs

    I remember when my nephew was a tyke, he used to sing a song to the big trucks on the highway: Come on big trucks, get and gets some gas! It was the cutest!

  • ddragonffly By ddragonffly

    they always say the funniest things! "mom didn't you say you are on a diet?" while trying to get a coke at the checkout counter. "mom, your legs look so skinny under the water"

  • rachelk99 By rachelk99

    For a while my daughter called my mother "Giggafer" instead of Grandma. Grandma thought it was so cute and sad when she started saying it correctly.

  • starrynight By starrynight

    I was driving my friend's little boy to preschool (his father is a state trooper), and a man cut us off. He said to me, "You forgot to scream ,'You @** !!!" I said , " I do not curse, and you should not be either!" He said, " Oh,,, but that's what my mommy screams when someone cuts her off..." I said, " Oh, no, what does your daddy say?" He replied, " Oh, he is a trooper , NO ONE cuts him off, or he would put the siren and put them in jail!!"

  • cruisers5 By cruisers5

    My 8 year old Granddaughter asked me what I looked like without wrinkles! I told her I didn't know I had any. Then she pointed them out to me!

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