Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win A $25 Gift Card Or Pampers!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.03.13
Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win A $25 Gift Card Or Pampers!
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Pampers is offering a special offer in the month of June. Receive a free sample pack (which includes Tide Pods, Downy Unstoppable Fresh, Vidal Sassoon Shampoo, Crest 3D White Vivid Fluoride Toothpaste, and Olay Pro-X Tone spot-fading treatment w/ info card) with any purchase of Pampers diapers on Walmart.com, while supplies last.

We wanted to offer you a chance to win a pack of Pampers in your choice of size OR a $25 Walmart Gift Card.

How to Enter
Comment below to tell us the funniest thing your favorite little person has said that put a smile on your face. It could be your child, a grandchild, or even your niece or nephew.


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"Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win Pampers or A $25 Gift Card! bit.ly/X3sAwx”

One Lucky Member will be chosen at random to receive one pack of Pampers in your choice of size OR a $25 Walmart gift card.

Entries open until Friday June 28th 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on Monday, July 1st 2013.

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  • pirategirl57 By pirategirl57

    My daughter told her grandmother (who was cutting up a sweet potato for herself) "Ga Ga, stop playing with your food and eat it!"

  • Glamamama1 By Glamamama1

    My daughter said, "But Gramma, I just don't understand...I know you didn't have a tv or computer when you were little so HOW did you get your email?

  • thebramble By thebramble

    I was at a memorial service the other night for the daughter of one of my church friends. The deceased's husband said one of the memorial speeches and asked his two young sons to come up to flank him "because they were a team now with Mom gone." As the dad was giving his eulogy, one of the sons was pointed out at the crowd and moved his finger along each attendee and pointed as if to say "1, 2, 3, 4 ... 100 ... 200 ..." The dad stopped his eulogy and explained, "I don't remember telling the boys this, but apparently I promised them $1 for each hand they shook today." The son did not miss a beat as he continued to count and the entire congregation erupted in laughter. It was a great moment in time when we could celebrate this young mom's life in lifting up laughter to her in Heaven.

  • trendjunki By trendjunki

    I was watching my 7 yr son and he had just completed his homework for night. So, I stood up and asked him what should we do now? I was told in a very confident but pleasant manner, "You're making the popcorn and I'm turning on Sponge Bob" and off he went! I think we have a future leader on our hands!

  • trahondl By trahondl

    Our friends little boy had a stuffed kitten that he would carry around the house. While we were visiting them, I asked if the kitten was a boy or girl kitten. He proceeded to tell me ( with all the correct terms) why the kitten couldn't be a boy kitten and therefore was a girl kitten. I got my anatomy lesson that day from a three year old!

  • prairiedawn31 By prairiedawn31

    My daughter had boughten some hermit crabs and was all excited and my son was excited as well he was young and hadn't known what they were till he got to see them. We were checking out at another store we had to stop at and my son announces to the cashier that his sissy has crabs!!! lol we both about died and looked at each other and I had laughed and very very quickly told the cashier she just bought some hermit crabs lol.

  • mesugsheerie By mesugsheerie

    My nephew saw a picture of a woman on the box of hair coloring I had. He pointed at the picture and said daddy. It was funny because it was a woman and definitely not his dad but they were similar complexions. It's funny too because he does that with any picture of someone with light skin. He even did that with Obama!

  • HDbyTee By HDbyTee

    My son was 18M and I was changing my NB daughter when she decided to go #2, my son is yelling "she is pooping, she's pooping, there's more, why isn't she stopping?" Lol, needless to say he was potty trained within a week ;)

  • Chicgiselle By Chicgiselle

    My favorite thing that my little person has said was "can have ice cream now" during breakfast

  • beccabaybee By beccabaybee

    I tweeted for you: https://twitter.com/xxbeccabaybeex3/status/345890464764936194 BUT I will also share that the funniest thing my son did was use a really big word that he was not supposed to even know when he was 3. He was in a shop on Ocracoke Island and was looking inside a treasure chest and he told the woman working there that they were gold doubloons. That's Jake and the Neverland Pirates for ya!

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