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Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win A $25 Gift Card Or Pampers!

Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win A $25 Gift Card Or Pampers!

Pampers is offering a special offer in the month of June. Receive a free sample pack (which includes Tide Pods, Downy Unstoppable Fresh, Vidal Sassoon Shampoo, Crest 3D White Vivid Fluoride Toothpaste, and Olay Pro-X Tone spot-fading treatment w/ info card) with any purchase of Pampers diapers on, while supplies last.

We wanted to offer you a chance to win a pack of Pampers in your choice of size OR a $25 Walmart Gift Card.

How to Enter
Comment below to tell us the funniest thing your favorite little person has said that put a smile on your face. It could be your child, a grandchild, or even your niece or nephew.


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"Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win Pampers or A $25 Gift Card!”

One Lucky Member will be chosen at random to receive one pack of Pampers in your choice of size OR a $25 Walmart gift card.

Entries open until Friday June 28th 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on Monday, July 1st 2013.

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  • budgetbee By budgetbee

    I remember a time at the DMV with my children. My daughter was 5 years old and read a sign that said "no drinking and driving". She LOUDLY exclaimed "Mom, you drink and drive all the time!". Of course, she neglected to mention that I drink water.

  • raychebee By raychebee

    My son is just under a year old, so he can't speak yet but he makes HILARIOUS sounds and babbles. especially when he is in the bath. THe most amazing shrieks!!

  • andieangel3 By andieangel3

    My 1 1/2 year old daughter thinks it's hilarious to sit on our bulldog's back & yell, 'go! Go!go!'

  • Marcela By Marcela

    I was talking to my niece on the phone about something she didn't want to do on her next visit to my house. I told her that her mother (my younger sister) wanted me to make sure she attended this event. She took a deep breath and said "but you don't have to listen to her, you are older!" I just laughed and promised to at least talk to her mother about it :).

  • bishopcz By bishopcz

    My son asked a man if he had eaten too much chocolate ice cream and if that is how he got so tanned.

  • luv2garden By luv2garden

    My granddaughter loves July 4th! When she was 4, she was helping me decorate and she told me she was so excited "For the July". I love her way with words!

  • alivea By alivea

    My daughter when she was young always wanted to eat in the family room which never turned out well. She was sick one day so my husband gave into her low and behold she was eating soup and before you knew it we saw the soup go u in the air and come down on the top of her head noodles all both her and the rug! It is so funny now but was not at the time.

  • amomnamedmel By amomnamedmel

    My daughter always puts a smile on my face! She does way too many funny things to even name. The other day I was upset with her for getting into the movies. I went over to tell her that we do not play with them when she smiled, walked up to me, and gave me a kiss! I'm not sure if it's funny, but it definitely made me smile!

  • TammyF By TammyF

    ok well my granddaughter was picking her nose one day and yes ewwwwwww in her mouth it went...she didn't know I was watching, well she came to sit in my lap and was going to let me taste her pizza that she had...I said ewwwwwwww NO....I seen you picking your nose with that hand/finger and then you ate it....She laughed and said no no Nanna , that was just your mind you she was 5 at the time...she is now 9

  • tarheelmommy19 By tarheelmommy19

    My son saw Elmo wearing a suit on Sesame Street and said, "Look, Mommy! It's Church Elmo!"

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