Win a Pizza Prize Pack from NEW pizzeria! from DIGIORNO®

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 06, 2013

Inspired by the great taste of pizzeria pizzas, new pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® is an entirely new frozen pizza experience, featuring only the highest quality ingredients, no artificial flavors and a preservative-free crust. The product is available in four varieties, each offering breakthrough dual-texture crust, a new flavorful sauce, and finished off with premium quality cheeses and toppings that will convert even the most skeptical frozen pizza consumers into instant believers.

Two members will receive a special pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® prize pack, including four full value coupons, a pizzeria style wooden pizza peel, a pizza cutter and a chef’s quality apron to enjoy pizzeria-style dining in your own home.

How to Enter
Comment below describing your favorite time to eat pizza and your preferred pizza topping.


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Two people will be chosen at random to win the pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® prize pack.

Congratulation to our two winners: Melmart1 and iloveny 

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laurasabo by laurasabo | PORT ST LUCIE, FL
Jun 27, 2013

love pizza any time

Dayna28 by Dayna28 | KENMORE, NY
Jun 27, 2013

I like pizza in the morning, I like pizza in the afternoon, and quite often I get out of bed to eat it in the middle of the night...mmm pizza. I like it simple with just cheese, salt, pepper and sprinkled with Parmesan! And sometimes I like it with cheese and a bunch of veggies. I am suddenly hungry.

mjorie by mjorie | BOCA RATON, FL
Jun 27, 2013

I love lunchtime pizza! That way I usually have leftovers for dinner! Yum! I love the supreme!

sweetmatcha by sweetmatcha | harrison, NY
Jun 27, 2013

We love eating pizza for dinner, in fact we had it tonight, kids love olives on it! Hubs and I aren't picky and we usually let the kids take charge on picking toppings!

breezie by breezie | BRASSTOWN, NC
Jun 27, 2013

Favorite time to eat pizza is while watching a movie and favorite topping is pepperoni.

Candyd12345 by Candyd12345 | STUART, FL
Jun 27, 2013

My Mom loves this pizza ~ And we like top it with everything! We like it for Dinner or and Evening snack while watching TV

yoliflores by yoliflores | Chicago, IL
Jun 27, 2013

Love my pizza with bacon and ground beef with lots of cheese!

misaacmom by misaacmom | RALEIGH, NC
Jun 27, 2013

We love pizza for dinner - we like all kinds of pizza, veggie, meat, BBQ, white pizza, dessert pizza, hawaiian, etc.

cassandra95011 by cassandra95011 | INDEPENDENCE, VA
Jun 27, 2013

I love to make all kinds of pizza topping so the kids get plenty of healthy choices and our family loves pizza with game night

Downgirl561 by Downgirl561 | LAKE WORTH, FL
Jun 27, 2013

Love to eat cheese pizza with the kids by the pool..

Lea0733 by Lea0733 | BRONX, NY
Jun 27, 2013

Really is there not a good time to eat pizza?

dragonfly777 by dragonfly777 | QUINCY, MA
Jun 27, 2013

I love Friday night pizza. My favorite is white pizza with ricotta, mozzarella and a little spinach.

mel39827 by mel39827 | SALEM, OR
Jun 27, 2013

I love feta and roasted red peppers, it's so good!

mcgrant7 by mcgrant7 | WALHALLA, SC
Jun 27, 2013

Anytime is a good time for pizza!! Its our quick and easy - go to meal :) I only like Cheese Pizza. Less is more.

CathBrad by CathBrad | ELBERTON, GA
Jun 27, 2013

Love eating pizza while watching a race on the tv! Supreme is my choice!