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Enter Our Giveaway by Sharing How You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Enter Our Giveaway by Sharing How You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Many people think their everyday actions are ordinary, and that the things they do every day can’t make a difference to help the environment. P&G believes the most effective changes don’t necessarily start with grand acts and can start much closer to home, by changing the way we think about things like waste.

Our members have told us that they:

  • “Reuse egg cartons to start new plants for our garden”
  • “Reuse jars to store odd supplies like, nails, nuts, and bolts”
  • “Use office paper for art, water plants with bathwater, compost, and have a small garden”

How to Enter: 
Comment on this blog post and tell us one small step you could take tomorrow to help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Or, tell us what your family already does! 

Two lucky winners** will each win a $250 Amazon gift card.

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  • apphorses By apphorses

    I bury kitchen scraps to enhance the soil. Use old carpet to keep weeds at bay. Plant beneficial plants together to keep pests away. Use a ball of tin foil in the dryer to keep static away, use up to six months. Make bird houses out of half gallon cartons. I have many more but I won't clog it up =)

  • Dreamyst1 By Dreamyst1

    turn off the lights when not needed,wash dishes by hand,use cold water in washmachine

  • amantikos By amantikos

    I do several things, for one I re-purpose as much as I can. When I go through the kids old toys I have subsets where I give things to such as the daycare for baby and toddler toys, the local police department for stuffed animals that we will not be keeping or using (they give it to the abused children when they have to pick them up) or older types of toys like cars, puzzles and games to our local before/after care who will definitely get some use out of them! As far as regular recycling I make sure that nothing can be used for anything else such as the pull tabs from cans for the Ronald McDonald house or someone collecting to help pay for cancer treatments, I think a full jug is equivalent to one round of chemo. I will even recycle my hair for Locks for Love! I enjoy doing this and I am by no means the greenest person but when I can and I am aware, I will do what I can to help others and save the environment. :)

  • katieruns By katieruns

    We reuse all our plastic grocery bags for anything from makeshift trash bags for runner's water cups, dirty clothes bags when traveling, and bags to put wet bathing suits and running gear to carry. Once we're done with them, we send them to the recyling can at our local grocery store.

  • mariedmandi By mariedmandi

    We reuse the plastic diaper tubs! We use them to store ties...even sugar! It's easy to scoop out of it ;)

  • angiecotes By angiecotes

    We are a very conscious recycling family. All the clothes we don't use anymore we donate and we try to make an efficient use of our resources .

  • cashinsix By cashinsix

    Turn off water while brushing teeth and washing hair and lathering in shower. Catch buckets of water when it rains for watering plants indoors. Reuse plastic containers and buy as many "naked" products as possible.

  • simbalala By simbalala

    Three R's. Very Important in my family. Even with kids. I always turns the dishwasher and laundry machine when full. Run washer in cold temp water. Take reusable bags for shopping. Always turn the lights/TV off not in room. Unplug any appliance not in use. use Teabags and coffee for plant. use digital thermostat. Don't let water running while brushing or doing dishes.

  • triggermae By triggermae

    I take my own shopping bags every time I go shopping. We use CFL lightbulbs.

  • mrssarajackson By mrssarajackson

    We really try our best to do our part. The most recent thing I have done was install a filter on my faucet. I used to use about 5 water bottles a day and now i have two reusable bottles i fill and keep in the fridge!

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