Enter Our Giveaway by Sharing How You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.26.13
Enter Our Giveaway by Sharing How You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Many people think their everyday actions are ordinary, and that the things they do every day can’t make a difference to help the environment. P&G believes the most effective changes don’t necessarily start with grand acts and can start much closer to home, by changing the way we think about things like waste.

Our members have told us that they:

  • “Reuse egg cartons to start new plants for our garden”
  • “Reuse jars to store odd supplies like, nails, nuts, and bolts”
  • “Use office paper for art, water plants with bathwater, compost, and have a small garden”

How to Enter: 
Comment on this blog post and tell us one small step you could take tomorrow to help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Or, tell us what your family already does! 

Two lucky winners** will each win a $250 Amazon gift card.

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**Entries open until 11:59 PM ET on Friday, May 10, 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winners will be notified by email on Monday, May 13, 2013.

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  • ccboobooy By ccboobooy

    We're taking shorter showers, recycling everything, and we have a small garden.

  • mmommymusings By mmommymusings

    We buy our cleaning product in concentrated form and dilute them ourselves. By making one or two purchases a year we not only save buying lots of bottles but money too

  • islandkimmi By islandkimmi

    We reuse yogurt cups/containers to start seeds/plants for the garden, just platnted herbs in old Tea Tins,. we raise vegetables, have some fruit trees, We also try to use water conservatively, watering the garden using watering cans rather than using a sprinkler. We are also excited for our new heat system which replaces an old oil furnace. :) big step.

  • dfalln1 By dfalln1

    We recycle everything we can and reuse jars for planters.

  • italia9 By italia9

    I don't flush the toilet every single time, ew, lolololol, but what a difference it makes on my water usage! Giving no longer needed, or wanted items to shelters, and setting items out at the curb for others to take is a major plus. Also, all of my fruit skins, left-over veggies, cardboard, egg shells, coffee grinds, fallen leaves, grass clippings, and numerous other things go directly into my compost bin. Plastic, and aluminum go into the recycler bins.

  • michele19981cp By michele19981cp

    I take all batteries I use at home to work so they can be recycled and not end up in a landfill.

  • emilyb426 By emilyb426

    me and my family recycle plastic bottles glass bottles and cans we put them in our blue bins and put out by the street,

  • Texmel By Texmel

    Of course we do the 3 R's; renew, reuse, recycle. And, we are so excited that gardening season is creeping up on us! Last year we built 2 raised beds in our tiny backyard and grew an abundance of tomatoes and squashes. This year we've got our tomato seeds started indoors that will go out in late May, but I found an extremely cool gardening/recycling idea in "Real Simple" mag that we're starting now. Here is it: You take a little seed-starting soil and place it in an empty eggshell (one that broke in 1/2 or 3/4 when you cracked it) then start your seed in it. Then once the seeds are sprouted and you can move them outside, you place the whole thing (eggshell, seed starting soil and sprouted seed) into the ground and press earth around it. The eggshell will compost and add nutrients to the soil. What a fantastic re-use for eggshells!

  • ttapia0905 By ttapia0905

    We "Reduce" landfill waste by cloth diapering my 3 children. We "Reuse" old shirts and clothing and I make them into cloth wipes for the babies. We also try not to use our dryer after doing laundry, I try to hang and sun dry as much as I can. We recycle plastics and paper, especially old homework that my daughter brings home, I save it for art projects. We also recycle cans and plant flowers in them!

  • Byrdy1999 By Byrdy1999

    we already have a compost pile near our organic garden, but I have a portable one in the kitchen as well. I have also found a great use for the K-cups, I use the coffee for my roses and I use the cup to start my garden, perfect drain hole built in. We also recycle and upcycle and shop at thrift stores. We try to save the earth and its resources as much as we can. Also unplug appliances when not in use!

  • fowler121600 By fowler121600

    we try to grow what we can in our garden; we always turn off the lights when not needed; I unplug every appliance thats not in use, recycle everything that can be; use a digital thermostat; 3 min showers; wash clothes in cold water only; use vinegar and water as a cleaner of everything; wash dishes by hand (shorter amount of time and energy); buy in bulk and re-package to smaller sizes

  • duskndawn By duskndawn

    We have trained our toddler to turn out the light whenever she leaves her room, and we use power strips to save energy. She is also a busy little artist, and we were going through so much paper. Now we focus on using paper for extra special drawings she wants to save, and the dry erase board serves for general drawing pleasure.

  • kngmckellar By kngmckellar

    A couple of things I do is use cold water to wash clothes to conserve energy. Also we use old clothing to make rags to use to clean. Another thing is you can use comics to wrap presents instead of buying wrapping paper for birthdays.

  • mbalvin By mbalvin

    I have got my hole family recycling! We recycle every we can. Most weeks our recycling can is more full than our trash can!

  • eyewonit By eyewonit

    Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap to conserve!

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